Published On: August 8, 2022
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Top 12 Epics in Raid Shadow Legends – August 2022

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Today we’re going to break down who the top dog epics are in the game to date, with over 200 epics in the game now, it’s important to know who you should invest your time into!

This list is not in particular order, and all the mentioned Champions are incredibly valuable.


12. Stag Knight

Stag Knight gives you an AOE Decrease DEF and ATK on a 3 turn cooldown which is 100% worth the books, his A1 also provides Decrease SPD making him even more valuable for Hydra. Stag Knight is also great for arena or any wave-based content where you’re trying to take down dungeons.
His Debuffs are also incredibly valuable on boss fights and he should not be ignored, he will always find a home in your teams all through the game.

11. Royal Guard

Royal Guard has come in and out of the meta throughout the lifespan of Raid, but has always been capable of providing a huge amount of damage both AOE and Single target with his Enemy MAX HP Takedown ability. The more HP your enemies have, the higher the numbers you’ll see from this Epic Champion.
Up till level 20 dungeons, Takedown is the most notable skill from Royal Guard in Dungeons, however, as you progress through stages 21-25 the rest of his kit becomes incredibly favourable such as his Turn Meter drop on his A3 which also provides Decrease SPD – This is incredible for Fire Knight 25.
Royal Guard has also become top-meta in Hydra Clan Boss because of his Enemy MAX HP hits.

10. Deacon Armstrong

Deacon Armstrong is not just 1 Champion, he is 3-in-1! He may well be the very best of this list and the most sought after – With AOE Decrease DEF, Turn Meter Control AND Fill, and a Speed Aura Deacon Armstrong truly has everything!
Deacon Armstrong makes 2:1 Clan Boss teams viable by forcing you into such tunes, with his Turn Meter boosting.

9. Uugo

Uugo has risen in fame in recent months since the release of Hydra Clan Boss due to the diversity of her kit. Who doesn’t want Block Buffs, Decrease Def, Cleanses, Heals, Revives AND Leech in the same kit? Everyone!
Uugo will come into any team in the game, especially wave content with her AOE Debuffs. But most notably Hydra Clan Boss, Uugo takes place over nearly all legendaries in the game.

8. Maneater

You couldn’t do a list like this without Mentioning one of the kings of Clan Boss, Maneater is involved in some of the easiest Unkillable Clan Boss Teams in the game, and especially affinity-friendly ones. But outside of this, Maneater also brings Turn Meter control and AOE Decrease Attack so can be used in other areas very capably.

7. Venomage

Venomage is probably one of the most underrated top tier epics in the game, with an AOE Poison and Heal reduction A3, which has its niche uses (for the Heal Reduction portion). When Heal Reduction is applied to enemies, they’ll deal 15% less damage which is hugely valuable and often ignored.
Venomage can also place Decrease DEF and Decrease ATK as well as Decreasing enemy MAX HP, Making Venomage a very versatile, amazing Epic.

6. Seer

Seer is undoubtedly the best end-game wave clearer in the game, and really she only becomes of huge value later on in the game when you can truly pump her stats up to utilize her, prior to this she can come in handy with her AOE Control and Buff removal – and she will provide you with some damage, but not to the max of her potential.
Karma Burn with plenty of buffs on your team is quite literally the BEST Wave Clearing damage ability in the entire game.

5. Alure

Alure does something no other Champion in the game can do – with enough Critical Rate and Accuracy, and of course Speed – Alure can single-handedly keep the Turn Meter down of any single target enemy by just using her A1 ability.
The best bit? Alure does NOT need books, and with enough gear can work even at the peak of End-game at level 50. You’ll be hard pushed to find a Fire Knight 24-25 “Speed” Team that does not use Alure.

4. Vogoth

Vogoth is the ultimate Tank in Raid Shadow Legends, with an AOE Provoke and Decrease ATK debuffs on his A2, a triple hit A1 that can extend debuffs… But where it really matters, is his Passive Skill – Every time he is attacked, he heals all allies by 50% of the damage received! The amount of healing from this passive skill is truly disgusting and is one of the most popular ways to outheal specific fights like Bommel the Dreadhorn.
Vogoth is incredibly useful in Arena Defense and can begin to lock out enemies while they’re provoked passively too.

3. Rector Drath

Rector Drath is a free Champion for new players from the Link Codes, allowing you to start with one of the ONLY Champions in the game with Perfect Veil, Tons of healing, Revives AND Decrease Attack all in one kit.
Rector Drath is arguably the BEST Epic Healer in the entire game – She is incredibly important for many players, especially those without access to Duchess Lilitu – She is the next best thing!

2. Geomancer

People love to give Geomancer stick, but he is better than 90% of the Legendary Champions in this game, and it all comes down to his A3 and his passive skill.
When HE places HP Burn, all of your team will take 15% less damage, and subsequently deflect that damage back to that attacking enemies, allowing Geomancer to truly do obscene damage, while also protecting your team. Hydra in a Reflex set is truly disgusting when fighting the Hydra Clan Boss.

1. Demytha

Demytha is a bit like maneater, but even easier as she solo-enables Unkillable Teams, however, she does require faster speed than Maneater.
Demytha Comps are taking the Clan Boss Scene by storm, paired with Rare Champion, Heiress. Demytha is also an incredibly valuable healer in all content, so don’t sleep on her!


Of course, this is all based on Hellhades Opinion – Who would have made YOUR top 12 list, and who would you drop from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

The only one I still don’t have after 2½ years is Seer. Even 50 shards on the 10x wouldn’t add her to my account.

1 year ago

“Hydra in a Reflex set is truly disgusting when fighting the Hydra Clan Boss”
I’m sure you mean

23 hours ago

“Hydra in a Reflex set is truly disgusting when fighting the Hydra Clan Boss.”
Did you mean “Geomancer in a Reflex set …”