Published On: August 17, 2021
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Top 20 FREE Champions to MAX

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1. Ninja – Most recent freebie that you can get and of course he is a legendary champion so we can’t complain about that! If you are newer to the game he is going to make your account progression so much easier compared to the likes of the older players just because his kit isn’t bad! He is Super good in clan boss and will help you progress to a higher level quicker! He also has good debuffs and is an amazing free champion!

2. Kael – He is a recommendation and the start because his kit is perfect for an early game account! But the thing that makes Kael stand out above the other starter champions is his poison abilities! His a3 has a lot of poisons and his a1 has a small poison and he is an absolute beast in dragon and clan boss because the poison damage is hugely effective in downing the bosses.

3. Athel – If you choose against Kael then our second recommendation would be Athel. She also has a aoe nuke hit but instead of poison debuffs she is bringing a weaken debuff. Now for an early account weaken will do more damage up until Nightmare Clan boss so for a second choice other than Kael she isn’t awful. She has some self buffs to buff her damage.

4. Elhain – If you haven’t chosen the other 2 starters above Elhain then I have to ask why are you trying to make the game more difficult! Ok she can hit hard but she has no debuffs and why wouldn’t you want some debuffs! She is a glass cannon!

5. Galek – Big aoe damage and can drop defence so he is better in that sense but he doesn’t have the raw damage of Elhain and I’m about to show you why you shouldn’t take Galek! Another champion on this list does a better job!

6. Warmaiden – Oh would you look at that, anyone else shocked she’s here? No didn’t think so! Why isn’t she in a Legendary skin? I don’t know but she will replace your Galek if you choose him because she has an aoe drop defence which is massive in pretty much everywhere in the game! She is a farmable champion and you can keep farming her so you can book her to a 3 turn cooldown! Disgusting for a rare!!

7. Shieldguard – Yes you heard correctly, this Uncommon champion can carry you till mid game if needed! He can be good at 50 as well so great for you! He is great for waves on dungeons and in the campaign! Super easy to get and to book!

8. High Khatun – After day 30 you get this beast of a increase speed champion! She can be played all the way through so do not feed her!!! Don’t be that guy then complain you don’t have a speed up champ!! She is good trust me!

9. Saurus – Another uncommon? Yes he has aoe abilities and he hits like a truck! Get him into the campaign to farm some food! Saurus does the work don’t sleep on this dude as he will free up your other champions so they can focus on something else!

10. Spirithost – Farmable champion again!! Huge if you are before High Khatun because she speeds up your team and has a cleanse which comes in clutch in most content!

11. Armiger – How this champion is uncommon? Plarium come on he is a beast!! Armiger drops turn meter by 30% on his a1!!! And his a2 is enemy MAX HP so ummm he can nuke!

12. Archmage Hellmut – He is a champion that you’ll receive from completing secret rooms in doom tower! So you need 100 fragments and you get 3 per secret room! Wow this is a freebie and a half! He applies some great buffs and he can stun! If you have a Seer then it’s the perfect combo!

13. Dark Elhain – Tactical Nuke Incomming!!! She hits hard! But what makes her stand out above other nukes is she is anti-freeze so in arena she is anti Tormin! And when she does this she attacks with her nuke ability!! Mental.

14. Drexthar Bloodtwin – To get him for free you need to complete the 100 days of 3v3 arena. You have to buy them 1 day at a time because of the cooldown but wow is he worth it! Almost every player that has him will use him in doom tower because he is a god! When he is attacked he places a hp burn on the opponent so he can slowly kill everything!!

15. Scyl of the Drakes – OP OP OP! She is incredible! Great debuffs and has a great turn meter drop. Aoe stun is brokennnn this is her a2 it just locks out the enemies and is crazy good! And above all this she brings in a clutch revive! And a passive heal absolute beast!

16. Ghrush the mangler – He is very underrated because he can bring a leech debuff so you won’t need lifesteal gear in clanboss! He has 2 aoe’s that hit harddd!! Plus he has healing crazy.

17. Akoth the Seared – aoe HP burn see you later spider! Yes he’s a bit later to get but worth it! Doom Tower look out!

18. Arbiter – Work the missions and you’re arena will benefit greatly! She’s in most if not all Arena! Busted speed lead

19. Visix the Unbowed – Late game but she is soliddd aoe provoke! Build some defence and let her soak up the damage!

20. Rhazin Scarhide – It will take you a while but totally worth it! Monster of a Champion decrease def and weaken on one ability good luck clan boss!

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2 years ago

If you had Decan Armstrong would take him to 60 or Ninja?

2 years ago

Saurus? wtf? he needs insane stuff to farm 12-3 brutal reliably, better do it with the Kael while being on the first 3 months playing the game. And no Armiger instead? Dude, are you sure you are ok? :p Anyway keep up on the good work its always a pleasure to read you! :)