2023 Raid Recap
Published On: December 31, 2023
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2023 Raid Recap: What’s happened this year?


RAID Shadow Legends has completed another year as 2023 comes to a close, and officially celebrated its 4th anniversary earlier in 2023. It was a year jam-packed with many things that have forever changed the game, from a whole new rarity tier of champions to multiple new game modes. Buckle up, we’ll summarize it all for you!

2023 Raid Recap

HH Gaming Highlights

Thanks to the continued support of our amazing HH Gaming community, 2023 was a big year for us. The year started with a very exciting free-to-play challenge where content creators and community members got a fresh start on RAID with leaderboards on the website to track their progress. This was something that we enjoyed doing and we plan to do more events like this in the future!

It was also a very big year for our RAID Optimiser with us being able to add mobile capabilities.

We also branched out and began covering multiple other games, which we are excited to pursue in the new year, such as Dragonheir and Warcraft Rumble.

In the 2nd half of 2023, some of the leaders of HH Gaming embarked on starting a game development studio, called Fateless. A community-driven studio, whose first big project is going to be developing a cross-platform turn-based RPG champion collector game that as of now, is expected to be ready for release by the end of 2025.

You can interact with the team and stay current with all things Fateless here via the Discord Server, YouTube Channel, and Website!

New Content in RAID

Towards the end of 2022, we saw the addition of artifact ascension, with the release of The Sand Devil’s Necropolis. Then in 2023, Plarium added accessory ascension, with the release of the Phantom Shogun’s Grove. These are very difficult areas, with tough bosses that are an end-game opportunity to further enhance some of your best gear.

2023 was also the year of Mythical. Plarium introduced not only Mythical gear via the new Hard Dungeon modes but also Mythical Champions as an even rarer tier above Legendary. Saphyrra has a very detailed video HERE breaking down the Hard dungeon bosses, drop rates, etc.

2023 Raid Recap

Primal Shards became a new rarity of Shard, where there would be a baseline rate of 1% to summon one of the new Mythical champions. These are champions who have 2 different forms, requiring a new tier of Mythical Tomes to max their abilities, and are some of the most impactful champions in the game able to fill multiple roles. We have a dedicated article to breaking down Mythical champions HERE.

When Primal Shards were first released, they cost about $8-10 a piece, but over the next few months, most packs seem to be charging about $5 a piece for them, which means Plarium’s economy considers Primal Shards to be about ⅓ as valuable as a Sacred Shard. We did not see any guaranteed summon events, or limited-time fusion/fragment events for Mythical champions as of yet.

2023 Raid Recap

For the first time, Plarium introduced a mode for players to go head-to-head against each other in real-time, via the Live Arena. This brought about some other changes like the Great Hall being split into Affinity Bonuses and Area Bonuses, new gear sets Impulse (12% SPD, 30% Chance to Reduce Cooldown) and Zeal (25% CDMG, 7.5% Damage for every 25% HP of opponent), along with a new Void legendary champion, Quintus the Triumphant, as a reward for progressing deep in the Live Arena.

The Live Arena is a mode that is only open during certain times of the day and has kind of settled into a place where most players don’t participate in it daily, rather choosing to just do battles here and there when they feel like it.

2023 Raid Recap

Hydra Clash was also introduced, as an end-game opportunity for clans that are hitting the Hydra Clan Boss consistently, to test their total damage vs each other to earn extra rewards. This mode puts a group of 5 clans against each other, where the top 3 get bonus chests as a ranking reward.

2023 Raid Recap

The new content that was probably overall most positively received, was The Cursed City of Sintranos. This is kind of a Doom Tower 2.0, where players will be incentivized to build many different champions, build many different teams, and try to conquer as many stages as possible to work towards the ultimate goal of acquiring a Mythical champion reward, Karnage the Anarch.

Polling of the RAID Shadow Legends community has indicated that about 80% of the player base views the addition of The Cursed City as an overall positive thing for the game, which is some of the highest polling we’ve seen on new content.

2023 Raid Recap

Call of the Arbiter: Limited Series

Plarium also ventured out into the production of an animated show, Call of the Arbiter, which featured 10 different episodes released from May to July, providing insight into some of the lore behind the RAID Shadow Legends universe.

The series was mostly well-received and garnered over 25 million total views on YouTube, but the episodes were definitely a little short in duration, averaging around 6 minutes.

2023 Raid Recap

Along with the show, Plarium introduced Legendary “Supreme” versions of the 4 starting champions, Supreme Galek, Supreme Athel, Supreme Kael, and the only one who was part of a fusion/fragment event, Supreme Elhain.

None of these champions are viewed as crazy strong, but are mostly decent. According to our HH Gaming Tier List, Supreme Kael is the best, and Supreme Athel is the worst of these Supreme starter champions.

2023 Raid Recap

Promotional/Event Champions:

There were 2 promotional champions that players could acquire by logging in actively during 2023, Artak and Sun Wukong, both were very solid additions to the game. Artak is very popular in PvE as a tanky HP Burner, and Sun Wukong is a self-reviving utility DPS that is extremely popular in PvP.

13 different champions were fusion/fragment event champions, which is pretty normal, as Plarium usually does one of these event champions about once a month. In chronological order these champions were:

The most popular and most sought-after of these event champions ended up being Pythion and Gnut.

2023 Raid Recap

Thanks for another amazing year!

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