The BEST Decrease Accuracy Champions – Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: September 6, 2022

The BEST Decrease Accuracy Champions – Raid Shadow Legends


Decrease Accuracy as a debuff has seen a huge boost in usage in recent months, not necessarily just in Arena, but also in various modes of PVE Content – Most notably becoming a very big factor when fighting Bommel the Dreadhorn and Hydra Clan Boss, due to their high accuracy requirements and the importance of resisting some of their abilities.

With the addition of the Iron Twin’s Fortress, you will once again be looking for [Decrease ACC] in your teams, so we’ve decided to break down some of our most notable Champions who can place this debuff effectively!


What does Decrease Accuracy do?

Decrease Accuracy debuff is a powerful debuff aimed at stopping your opponents from landing their debuffs on your team. This can be extremely helpful in high-end content such as Doom Tower or in the arena to reduce the ability of champions like Madame Serris to have a major impact on your team. There are 2 strengths to this debuff, 25% and 50% and this reduces the Total amount of Accuracy on the enemy affected by this debuff.


Our Top 10 List:

So, to do this we’re going to look at a few factors, first, one being the key importance is their reliability to place the 50% [Decrease ACC] debuff, whether that be Single target or AOE – It’s important to know that the debuff can be maintained.

The next thing we’ll look at is how diverse the Champion is, if Decrease ACC is the only thing they can bring, it’s unlikely that you’d want to bring them over someone who also brings something else for your team because it makes forming a team significantly easier.

Finally, we’ll be considering the Champions role, as an example here, Coldheart can place Decrease ACC on her A2, however, she is not going to be built as a suitable debuffer for many areas of content where you’d be relying on this debuff, so won’t be making the top 10 list.

Putting these into a tier list from best to 10th best is incredibly difficult due to the diversity of their kits and areas of use, so it will boil down to what exactly it is you’re looking for in your team, and how many roles they can serve, so outside of our recommended top 3 – the rest will be in no specific order.


Number 1: Lady Kimi

Starting off with our personal favourite for this job, Lady Kimi brings a huge array of buffs and debuffs for your team, with an incredibly diverse kit making her massively valuable in all areas of the game, whether it be the arena, hydra clan boss or even the Iron Twins Fortress.

Lady Kimi provides Turn Meter control on her A1 with a fairly high chance to land, but that’s not what we’re looking for today, but it is a great benefit to add to her kit.

For the purpose of this list, we care mostly about Lady Kimi‘s A2 – Flurry of Petals, which once booked is on a 3 Turn Cooldown. “Attacks all enemies, has a 100% Chance of placing a 50% [Decrease ACC] debuff and a 30% [Decrease SPD] debuff for 2 turns. Also has a 100% chance of decreasing each target’s Turn Meter by 15%.”

This is incredibly reliable and will allow you to keep almost 100% uptime on both of these debuffs, but her kit doesn’t end there – On Kimi‘s A3 she removes 1 random buff from each enemy replacing it with [Block Buffs] if she successfully strips a buff from them, this ability also fills allies turn meter by 15% and places a 50% [Increase ACC] and 30% [Increase SPD] buffs on your team for 2 turns.

The final point for Kimi is her passive, boosting your team’s turn meters every time they receive a debuff as well as reducing the enemy’s turn meter for each debuff Kimi places. This can be great to help you rotate through your skills and provide your team with extra control.


Number 2: Mighty Ukko

Mighty Ukko is the Fragment Event for September 2022, starting this coming Friday, so won’t be available instantly for everyone but will become available in the coming days – we highly recommend that you complete this fusion and as always we will have a guide on how to do so throughout the entirety of the events.

So why Ukko? First of all, we’ll look at Ukko‘s A1 – AOE [Decrease ATK] with a 75% chance to land, this is exceptional in almost all content where you’ll be looking to reduce incoming damage, the fact that this is AOE makes it incredible for fights like Hydra Clan Boss as you have to worry about 4 Heads at any given time.

But the important thing for us to look at today is his ability to land [Decrease ACC] which comes on his A2 – Ukko’s Fury, this is a 4 turn Cooldown, which hits twice removing a total of up to 4 buffs from each target, then placing [Block Buffs] and a 50% [Decrease ACC] on the target’s that no longer have buffs remaining. – This is incredible, and the likelihood of enemies having buffs remaining after stripping 4 buffs combined with Ukko‘s Passive is very slim making this incredibly reliable for the majority of content.

Ukko‘s passive is arguably one of the craziest in the game, and we can’t wait to see it in action outside of the test server. Totem Warden [P] has a 50% chance of stealing 1 random buff from an enemy each time they receive a buff – Any buffs stolen by this ability will become protected so they cannot be stolen/removed by the enemies. This is absolutely crazy, can you imagine fighting against this when every time you buff your team, there’s a 50/50 chance that the buff will go onto the enemy Ukko!

But what else does Ukko bring to the table? Ukko‘s 4 Turn Cooldown A3 (Once Booked) is a full team revive, that will place [Block Damage] for 1 turn on any Champions that are revived. Then places 30% [Increase SPD] on all allies for 2 turns.


Number 3: Wurlim Frostking

Now this one may cause some controversy due to how much of a meme our boy Wurlim was for the longest period of time, as the OG Battle Pass Champion, but in May ’21 Wurlim received a lot of love from Plarium, which still left him a little bit lacking, but for the role we’re looking for today, he is at the top of the list for reliability!

Frostbite Blast is a 3-turn cooldown once booked, with a 100% chance of placing 25% [Decrease C.DMG] debuff for 2 turns, and a 50% [Decrease ACC] debuff for 2 turns, whilst also buffing your team Critical Damage by 30%. But what makes this so special? Well, debuffs placed by this skill CANNOT be resisted, meaning you will never have the situation where you fail to land your [Decrease ACC] debuff on all enemies making it flawless.

The other utility that Wurlim brings should also not be laughed at, as his A3 provides your team with the two most important defensive buffs in the game, with a 25% [Strengthen] and a 60% [Increase DEF] on a 3-turn cooldown.

You may mock Wurlim all you like, but when you’re looking for a reliable debuffer – he’s your man!



Now I’m sure you’ve all seen the pure damage potential of Geomancer, with his HP Burn Damage reflect, but that’s far from where it ends.

Geomancerhas become a top-tier pick for so many areas of content since his release and has become a regular pick in the top levels of Hydra Clan Boss since its release, not only due to his incredible damage potential but because he brings an incredibly useful A1 ability which is what we’re looking at today.

Attacks all enemies. Has a 40% chance of placing a 50% [Decrease ACC] debuff for 2 turns – Once booked – While this is not the highest chance in the entire game, it does prove to be relatively reliable especially with it being AOE on an A1 so we don’t have to worry about a cooldown.

This combined with the fact that Geomancer is capable of providing incredible damage whilst also reducing incoming damage by 15% from enemies that are under his own [HP Burn] debuffs.

Should the situation arise, Geomancer can also remove all buffs from a single target with his A2 which may come in handy in certain situations!


Tatura Rimehide

Tatura Rimehide was 2021’s Christmas Fusion and Santa Plarium certainly treated us with a great Champion, Tatura can provide a range of utility for your team and became only the third Champion in the game to provide a Team wide [Perfect Veil] buff, along with Duchess Lilitu and Rector Drath.

Tatura’s A1 is the key for today’s list, with a 100% chance when booked to place 50% [Decrease ACC] on a single target, which is absolutely insane for an A1 ability, allowing you to have 100% uptime on any given single target encounter, whether that be Bommel the Dreadhorn, a specific Hydra Head or Iron Twin’s Fortress.

Tatura also provides [Block Debuffs] and 60% [Increase DEF] on his A2, as well as the previously, mentioned [Perfect Veil] which comes on his A3 along with a [Shield] buff, which scales from the damage dealt which hits surprisingly hard with a 4.2* Multiplier!



Psylar is the definition of a control Champion and is often seen rocking a stun set due to her full AOE kit and can be frequently seen used in Arena as the 2nd fastest Champion in a team, knocking back the enemies turn meter and allowing your team to get a turn regardless of your speeds.

But alongside her Incredible A3 that depletes enemy turn meters whilst placing 30% [Decrease SPD] so also has an AOE A2 with 100% chance to land 50% [Decrease ACC] on all enemies.

Because of Psylar being Void Affinity, you will never have to worry about her landing a weak hit and missing this skill, as long as you have enough accuracy the only thing that can stop you is the 3% chance to resist skills, which unfortunately all Champions have to suffer with unless the ability is irresistable like Wurlim Frostking.



Taya is slightly less attainable for many players, especially those who were behind when Doom Tower was launched, as she is acquired from Secret Room Fragments, but for those who do have Taya she is absolutely brilliant for certain content.

With an A1 that has a 60% Chance of placing 50% [Decrease ACC] she becomes incredibly valuable in fights such as the Iron Twin’s Fortress where you’re looking to drop their massive Accuracy numbers.

Whilst she does not have the MOST reliable [Decrease ACC], her value comes from the rest of her kit as we mentioned at the start of this article, it was important to look at what else these Champions bring to the fights, and Taya brings the damage!

Taya’s A2 will place 3x 5% [Poison] debuffs for 2 turns, and her A3 instantly activates any [Poison] or [HP Burn] debuffs which is an incredible way to deal damage in bursts. These debuffs are also the most reliable way to deal damage to bosses due to their high MAX HP!

If you check out the Iron Twin’s Fortress guide written by Saphyrra he actually considers Taya one of, if not the best Void Champion for this role and showcases a team built around using Taya.


Nari the Lucky

Nari was added to the game as March ‘22s Fragment Event, and as such, we hope many of you were able to pick him up.

Nari’s signature ability and the one we care most about today is his A2 – Rainbow of Woe, which applies 50% [Decrease Accuracy] and 50% [Decrease Resistance] in one ability, which stands as the only ability in the game to do so.

This is the ultimate skill that drops the stat requirements of your whole team, allowing you to focus on more survivability or damage, with less need for Accuracy AND Resistance all because of one single skill. Remember you will need significant Accuracy on your Nari to place these skills, however!

Nari also brings a [Provoke] and the chance to steal buffs in his kit, which can come in handy against specific fights!


Dhukk the Pierced

Dhukk is a great Champion who is particularly strong on wave content, where is can place both AOE 50% [Decrease ATK] and 60% [Decrease DEF] on all enemies. This ability is only on a 3-turn cooldown which makes it incredibly reliable, but on top of the amazing A2 Dhukk also has a very reliable A1 which hits twice, each chance has a 40% (once booked) chance to land 50% [Decrease ACC].

This skill would not be so reliable if it did not hit twice, whilst there’s no certainty that it will land the debuff, with it being an A1 you are likely to use it frequently and you should be able to keep a very high uptime of [Decrease ACC] because of this.

This A1 paired with the fact that Dhukk brings such important debuffs on his A2 is exactly why this Epic Champion has made it into our top 10 list!



Anax is a Spirit Affinity Epic that offers a lot of strong single-target debuffs, of course, [Decrease ACC] is one of those, with a 100% chance to land once booked!

But what else does he bring that qualifies him for this list?

Anax’s A1 places 60% [Decrease DEF] which paired with his A3 that provides a 25% [Weaken] debuff – you have the ultimate offensive debuff setup!

Anax’s A2 that places [Decrease ACC] also doubles up as a poison ability placing two 5% [Poison] debuffs on a 3-turn cooldown!

Anax often sees himself slotting into Clan Boss teams that revolve around [Block Damage] buffs, where you can control the damage he receives as his passive ability can mess up turn orders due to triggering an extra turn if he drops below 10%.

He also buffs himself with 50% [Increase ATK] and 60% [Increase DEF] when dropping below certain HP thresholds which can be considered a great addition to his kit for lots of areas of content!


Honourable Mention: Yoshi the Drunkard

Yoshi doesn’t quite make the top 10 for [Decrease ACC] unfortunately, due to the unpredictable usage of his A2 ability, which lands [Decrease ACC] and [HP Burn] but hits 2 random targets, which you are unable to control, this ability would see him through to the top 10 list IF it was AOE, or you could determine which target the skill would go onto, however, on single target encounters, Yoshi will still be an incredible pick, because not only does he provide these two debuffs, he also brings [Increase ATK] and [Increase ACC] for your team.

So look carefully at the content you’re doing, and if Yoshi’s A2 will not cause you to miss vital debuffs on priority targets then he may be a great option for you!


Just remember, these are our top picks based purely on opinion, if you have any suggestions – please let us know in the comments!



  1. SS2020user September 6, 2022 at 10:57 am

    Out of all these champs I don’t own one. Just another reason to go for the fusion.

    • Phixion September 6, 2022 at 11:02 am

      Yeah the fusion is going to be big for a lot of players

      • SS2020user September 6, 2022 at 12:21 pm

        For me he will likely be a 3v3, Hydra and, when I get to a harder stage, Bommal 90 hard.

  2. TheEndRun September 17, 2022 at 7:38 am

    Shit man I have none of those

  3. joe101707 October 17, 2022 at 11:12 pm

    I was surprised to see that Lord Champfort didn’t at least make Honorable Mentions. He has an AOE Dec Acc and Dec Atk on his A2. He also has Dec Def on his A1 and places Dec Spd (albeit the small version) from his passive when hit. He also has a massive 50% HP aura in Dungeons. That’s a lot of versatility from one champ! I’d love to see him tested in Iron Twins!

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