Published On: June 22, 2021

20 Legendary Champions that DON’T need books!

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These legendary champions don’t need books! If you want to max them out and you have plenty of books then go ahead but if you have a limited amount then this is a guide on who not to book.


1. Lord Champfort – he’s not a damage dealer so don’t use your books for his damage. Potentially you want 1 book for his passive to reduce the cooldown but again that’s at a push.

2. Baron – With the AI changes you can make Baron just use his A1, booking will only increase his damage. His main ability, Skypiercer doesn’t need any books. Again this is situational.

3. Black Knight – Doesn’t need them so use them on champions who like to read!

4. Royal huntsman – He 100% of the time puts AOE Decrease Defence on unbooked. One of the rarest things in the game! If you have books to spare then his A2 is good when running him in Dungeons so it’s on a lesser cooldown.

5. Arbiter – Situationally she doesn’t need books, you should have her set up in the Arena then she only needs to set up once. If she is going again, something isn’t right in the fight and you should adapt something. However if you use her elsewhere then see if you need books. It’s a judgement call.

6. Cupidus – Arguably he is an A1 champion and with the AI changes we can make him A1 all the time. His A1 just increases damage when booked so it isn’t a necessity to book him.

7.  Elder Skarg – Now he is a nuke, probably one of the hardest hitters single target. If that is what you are using him for then fair enough try and up his damage but for most people they use him for his A3 which is a mental ability. His A3 doesn’t require books as it just buffs his damage which isn’t necessary for this ability.

8. Ursuga Warcaller – She is used a lot in Arena defence because of her passive decrease damage taken from crits for all allies. Massive passive but it doesn’t need books to make it any better. If you use her then you’ll probably want to book her but you don’t need to!

9. War Mother – Completely unbooked she is a beast, the books won’t help you do better!

10. Angar – He is the same unbooked as booked so don’t waste them on him. Maybe you need the cooldown but we feel you don’t need to book him to get the same value!

11. Prince Kymar – He is one of the best champs in the game and he doesn’t need books?!?!? His A1 is damage so no need. His A2 is a sleep you can reduce his cooldowns but you probably won’t get around to doing it twice. His A3 cooldown is so long that that one book won’t make any difference.

12. Mortu-Macaab – His whole thing is trying to unlock Peril and books won’t help you with that!

13. Duchess Lilitu – Similar to Arbiter she is situational. Her best place is Arena defence and this is because her passive is so strong. Her passive doesn’t use books. Her other abilities are strong but in an Arena battle are you going to use the abilities twice?

14. Suzerain Katonn – His main thing is his A3 and when you apply books to him it just buffs damage which isn’t necessary.

15. Nekhret The Great – He is a situational champion. When you use him in Dungeons and Clan Boss he is well worth booking but when you have a look at his best case place in the game which is Arena offence, the books aren’t necessary. His passive protects someone off the bat so they can potentially live throughout a slaughter. This doesn’t need books and you’ll never get around to doing the ability twice.

16. Zavia – Her main abilities don’t need the books as it just buffs her damage. It doesn’t affect her cooldowns or her chance to land debuffs.

17. Visix The Unbowed – Ok so she is better booked but they aren’t necessary so don’t break the bank to get her booked!

18. Hegemon – He is one of those champions that is very annoying to face in the Arena but his skills do not require books unless you want the extra damage!

19. Maulie Tankard – Her best case use is for anti Hegemon teams due to her passive. The other bits of her kit can take books but you should be worried if she starts reviving twice in a battle.

20. Riho Bonespear – Her best use case is Arena defence. Her passive reflects any debuffs from herself onto the attacker. This doesn’t need books so it is very strong!


There we have it 20 Legendary Champions that don’t require books! Some of these champions are situational so make sure you read it properly before you argue against it!

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