Published On: July 31, 2021
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Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Undead Hordes

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Undead Hordes

Awakened by the call of the Corruption, these ghouls and creatures of the night inhabit the forgotten tombs and dark places in the world and serve as the minions to the Dark One. While most are the desecrated carcasses of fallen Telerians, others have lurked in the darkness for centuries…. awaiting their time

Crpyt-King Gaal: He finally has a use in the game. His HP Burn is great for the late stages of Spider and once he puts that burn out there, he will successfully freeze his enemies.

Rotos the Lost Groom: He was the big daddy in arena before his nerf, he is now just good. Don’t get me wrong he is still used in plat-level arena teams and is useful everywhere in the game.

Saito: Big Nuker! Good damage on his A3 and A2 with a decrease defence on his A1. Good for Clan Boss and Arena.

Elegaius: He is in of need a buff. Is useful against the Iragoth the dragon because of the block active skills ability. But he is just not worth building out for just that one boss.

Skartorsis: Old school champion that seems to have been forgotten, needs a buff to bring him up the standards of today’s champions. He is useful as a debuff cleanse and has nice buffs.

Bad-el-Kazar: He is the King of the solo dungeon runs. Built correctly, he can solo dragon and Ice golem 25. Bad El is an amazing support champion, possibly the best in the game.

Bloodgorged: Has a single target Block Revive ability on his A3 that hits relatively hard. His A2 can put all the enemies’ skills on cooldown. Decent champion.

Ma’Shallad: Used to be a vault guardian, but since his buff is now one of the most wanted crowd control champions in the game, very annoying to face in the arena. Brilliant Champion.

Nethril: He has a high chance to place a stun on his A2, his A3 decreases the enemies turn meter by 75% and has poisons on his A1. All this makes him great for every area of the game.

Suzerain Katonn: Very niche Arena champion with his A3 that removes any shields, block damage, and unkillable buffs from enemies, this can’t be resisted or blocked, this is all he does really.

Harvest Jack: AOE Fear and Decrease Speed on his A3 which pairs well with his A2 that places Block buffs if they have the Fear debuff on them. Can remove buffs on his multi-hitting A1.

Siphi the Lost Bride: She is truly one of the best champions in the game! Need I say more. We all know if you get her, your game has gotten a lot easier.

Nekhret the Great: He is becoming more and more an Arena legend. His passive is just insane for Arena defence and to protect your Nuker.

Urost the Soulcage: Doom Tower reward, people are starting to get him now. Looks good, he is all about the poisons, amazing solo champion.

Little Miss Annie: one of the best-looking skins in the game, very good single target hitter. Very good in the arena with her passive that revives her. But she is still not as good as the AOE nukers out there.

What do you think of these reviews, and do you agree with them? Comment down below, we love to hear from you!

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2 years ago

I can’t see how Crypt-King Gaal is good for Spider as it’s only 3 random targets burn

2 years ago
Reply to  Gandalf51

The writer wasn’t wrong about him being good for Spider, but his description is wrong. You use another champ with an HP burn like Ignatius, Sicia, Mordecai, etc and then Graal freezes all the spiderlings, and extends the HP burn by 1 turn.

That’s why he’s good, not for his own HP burn.