Published On: August 20, 2023
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This secret room requires you to use Ogryn Tribe Champions only. Lets break down how to approach this challenge!


Enemy Waves


Below are the waves you will face in the secret room including the stats – generally secret room enemies are much slower than other aspects of Doom Tower. You should pay special attention to the following problematic champions:

Facing the Ogryns can be an intimidating task! As you will face the infamous Unkillable buffs from Maneater, the burns from Ignatius, and all of the crowd control/damage coming your way!

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


How to beat the secret room!


Below is the recommend team that is best fit to beat this room. We also detail alternatives for each champion if you do not have them. It is worth noting alternatives are fine replacements but will be less efficient i.e. potentially make the run slower or require you to run a few times to get good RNG.

This combination of champions displayed covers all the basis for this encounter. We have implemented the block buffs from Uugo to alleviate the tedious buffs your enemies place, coinciding with damage, stuns, heals, poisons and more! When timing your skills efficiently, you will find yourself in a cycle of always having control over your foe.

MVPs for this Strategy

Uugo – This epic will feel like a Legendary when facing this wave, as she counters all of the buffs that will slow down your run times. This all comes down to block buffs to counter Maneater, Drokgul & more, coinciding with a Decrease defence and heal.

Urogrim – The speed Aura is one of the highlights of this champion, although much more is packed into his kit. He grants chances to place poisons on enemies, continuous heals on your team, single target cleanses & overall a helpful kit for this encounter.

Big ‘Un – This oversized Ogre swoops in with massive damage and crowd control/speed manipulation making him a no-brainer to implement. The Stuns will alleviate the tedious active skills of your opponents, whilst slowing them down will help you get your skills out quicker.

Korugar Death Bell – One of the newest additions to the faction is Korugar, who has an amazing kit for most areas in Raid. This consists of Turn Meter fills & cleanses, Ally protection & strengthen, followed by healing to keep him alive.

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options for some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:

Damage Dealers:

Big ‘Un, War mother, Ignatius, Gurgoh, Graazur, Siegehulk, Skraank, Ogryn Jailer, Bellower


Big ‘Un, Gurgoh, Graazur, Shatterbones, Bellower, Prundar


Gurptuk Mossbeard, Shamrock, Drokgul, Uugo, Klodd Beastfeeder, Ghrush the Mangler, Wuzgar, Maneater, Urogrim, Geargrinder

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