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Published On: April 7, 2024
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Top 20 Champions For Hydra Clan Boss

NOTE: Shoutout to community member Bango for providing valuable feedback on the initial list! 

Our very own NubRaids has put together the ultimate top 20 Champions List for Hydra Clan Boss, detailing different strategies and ways to conquer this challenging content area.

In this article we’re going to go through everybody who Nubs has considered a top-tier Champion for Hydra and exactly why he thinks that way about them.

Let’s get into the Top 20 Champions for Hydra!


We’ve decided to create an entire separate section of the tier list for Trunda Giltmallet since no one else even comes close to this champion’s potential in Hydra. As of the time of writing, the top non-Trunda team in world on nightmare difficulty of Hydra has done 3046m damage whereas the top Trunda team has done 76951m damage. In other words, Trunda is 25 times better than the next-best champion…… Yes, she really is that good. 

The champions which form the best possible Trunda team right now are: 

Yumeko (2 Copies)

Yumeko brings the ability to reset the entire team’s skills… including her own if you bring a second copy of her! No other champion in the game can do this, resulting in maximum damage for Trunda teams. 

Lydia the Deathsiren

Lydia the Deathsiren-Portrait

Decrease Defence and Weaken are essential to get maximum damage out of your Trunda and Lydia brings both. She also brings speed and strengthen buffs for your team and can place block buffs on dangerous Hydra heads such as the Head of Wrath. 

Gurptuk Moss-Beard

Gurptuk can increase your damage by up to 30% based off the number of poison debuffs on your champions. He can put out 3 poisons on your team at a time, and this adds a huge amount of damage to your Trunda. 

Shu-Zhen the Valorous

Shu-Zhen Portrait

Shu-zen is the best choice for providing Increase Attack to Trunda because she couples it with her unique extra turn buff, allowing Trunda to immediately attack and take far more turns than she would normally be able to. On top of this, she brings some nice speed boosts to the team. 

Honorable Mentions

There are a few champions which are currently too new to accurately judge in Hydra. We will be watching their performance with anticipation to see if they will make the list in the future. These are: 

  1. Toshiro the Bloody 
  1. The Calamitus 
  1. Eostrid Dreamsong 
  1. Wallmaster Othorion 

Top 20 Non-Trunda Hydra Champions

For those of us who are not lucky enough to be able to build three Trunda teams for Hydra Clash, this section is for you! 

NOTE: These champions are NOT listed in any order. Since team composition is crucial for Hydra, it’s very difficult to rank champions so specifically. 

Lady Mikage

lady mikage portrait

The Queen of late-game F2P teams for Hydra, Lady Mikage brings it all. Full team ally attacks are incredibly strong in Hydra where you have a team of 6 champions, and she provides Increase Attack and Crit Damage as well to push your damage even higher. Her A2 ability is sneakily good as well, bringing incredible buff and debuff manipulation: this can remove all the fears and provokes that Hydra throws at you, for example. To get maximum value out of Mikage, you want to couple her with another Shadowkin champion to get extra ally attacks with her A1. 

R. Nergigante Archer

Nergigante Archer Portrait

A 2-turn AoE provoke makes her the best provoker for Hydra, on top of bringing Hex, Decrease Speed, team healing, and more. As a limited-edition champion, Nergigante is no longer available, but she is top tier for those lucky enough to get her. Sadly, she is unlikely to ever return to the shard pool. 

Taras the Fierce

taras portrait

One of the big reasons he has been king of the arena in Raid for so long is that Taras does immense amounts of damage… and that’s exactly what he brings to Hydra as well. In fact, the larger team size in Hydra lets him scale even harder thanks to the extra buffs your team members will have. On top of this, Taras extends all of your buffs, letting the rest of your team function more effectively. 

Gharol Bloodmaul

One of the first mythicals released, Gharol is a monster in her alternate form for Hydra. Her A2 scales off the numbers of buffs on her, which can be quite high in Hydra. More importantly, she has a 25% chance to join in on all of your team’s attacks, and with an AoE A1 that can even hit multiple times, her damage can scale extremely high due to its sheer frequency. 

Krisk the Ageless

Krisk the Ageless

One of the original OP champs for Hydra, Krisk has stayed true to his “Ageless” name and remained in the top champ list! Bringing tons of team protection, buff extension, the ability to mischief tank, and even a strong synergy with the Cursed gear set, Krisk will likely remain a top pick for Hydra for a long time to come. 

Firrol the Barkhorn

Firrol the Barkhorn

Speaking of original OP champs, Firrol the Barkhorn has effectively power-crept Duchess Lilitu in Hydra. He brings similar defensive potential with the very rare perfect veil buff plus the killer combo of both Increase Resist and Decrease Accuracy. However, it is with his passive that he truly shines, by adding a 20% damage increase to everyone with 4 or more buffs. Due to this, he has the highest team damage potential right now out of all the Block Buff champions in Raid. 

Varl the Destroyer

One of the most underrated champions in Raid’s history, Varl is a free champion unlocked from Doom Tower Hard. For Hydra, he brings very strong personal damage thanks to his passive scaling his attack up to a 100% bonus. On top of this, he brings the Weaken debuff which is still fairly difficult to fit into Hydra teams and which increases enemy damage taken by a whopping 25%. New champions will likely power-creep Varl in the future, but for now he still is a sleeper OP pick. 


Cardiel is probably the best healer in the game for Hydra. This is due to him bringing not only a massive amount of healing, cleansing, and other support, but also by bringing a huge amount of damage. His full team ally attack is extremely strong in Hydra where you have 6 team members, and his passive 30% chance to join in on any ally attack adds up to a sneaky amount of extra damage as well. 

Grand Oak Padraig

Grand Oak Padraig Portrait

A very recent guaranteed champion for 2024’s St. Patrick’s Day, Grand Oak Padraig makes it to the top 20 list for Hydra as another ally attack choice. The utility that he brings alongside his ally attack lets him really shine: his passive brings essential buffs that vary based on role; he fixes the destroyed HP that the Head of Decay inflicts on you; he heals you; he brings Increase Speed; and he can even reduce ally cooldowns with his basic attack. This is a very strong kit for Hydra and he is a champion that many players will have available on their accounts. 


acrizia portrait

Acrizia truly shines the higher the difficulty of Hydra goes due to every single one of her abilities scaling its damage off of Enemy Max HP. This is both her biggest strength and her biggest weakness. As a strength: she is the comfiest, easiest, strong damage dealer you can build for nightmare Hydra, even taking 50% reduced damage from most Hydra attacks due to her passive. As a weakness: as we go further into 2024, the ever-increasing stat bloat we can get on our champions through things like gear ascension etc. means that non-Enemy Max HP damage dealers are catching up to her and, in some cases, even exceeding her (Enemy Max HP has a hard cap of 10% damage on Hydra). Her strengths greatly outweigh her weaknesses overall though, and for all but the top players with the top gear she is an absolute goddess for this boss fight! 


harima portrait

Another arena MVP, Harima has been a surprisingly strong Hydra champion. Thanks to her short cooldowns plus her ability to scale her defence to a 100% bonus with her A2, Harima can output massive damage against Hydra. As a bonus, you can double dip with your best gear, getting an amazing arena champion and Hydra champion for the price of one. While she is one of the top damage dealers right now, Harima is very likely to be power-crept in Hydra as more champions are added this year. 

Alaz the Sunbearer

alaz the sunbearer portrait

Speaking of power-creep, Alaz the Sunbearer is basically Harima on steroids when it comes to Hydra. He brings the same defensive scaling ability as she does, while also bringing his own Increase Defence buff (that also applies to your whole team) and the hardest hitting defense-scaling nuke in the game with his A2. On top of this, Alaz brings a teamwide block damage and counter-attack buff, which can add a ton of extra damage to your Hydra team whenever you are attacked, and even brings a 2-turn provoke to lock down the Head of Decay. Ironically, his base form is so strong that it’s rarely worth swapping to his alternate form in Hydra despite it having good abilities for this boss fight too. 


razelvarg portrait

The bunny that nobody believed in, Razelvarg was a divisive fusion when he first released. Time has been kind to Razelvarg though, as he has scaled extremely well in Hydra. Thanks to his short cooldown AoE abilities plus his massive speed scaling, Razelvarg can hit hard and fast while also bringing some nice buffs for your team.  

Graazur Irongut

Graazur Irongut Portrait

Graazur brings solid AoE Enemy Max HP damage to Hydra alongisde substantial utility. Thanks to his buff extension ability on his A2, he is capable of maintaining 100% uptime on both Increase Resistance and Increase defence for your whole team. He can provoke the Head of Decay. On top of this, since every move is an AoE attack, he synergises very well with sets such as Cursed or Slayer, which can massively up his damage and utility. 


Tuhanarak is a fantastic support champion for Hydra. She brings a lot of healing for your team and can even cleanse a debuff off everyone whenever she takes a turn, making her a great way to deal with the unblockable True Fears from the Head of Torment if you don’t have a Perfect Veil champion. She can also do AoE Block Buffs and Decrease Attack with the debuff spread from her A2 and brings great defensive buffs for your party as well on her A3. Every single part of her kit covers an essential thing you need for a Hydra team. 

Lydia the Deathsiren

Lydia the Deathsiren-Portrait

Lydia stands strong in Hydra as an amazing F2P option and amazing champion overall. Her A2 is one of the most stacked abilities in the game, bringing both Decrease Defence and Weaken for your enemies, and Increase Speed and Strengthen for your team. She also can place block buffs on a single target which can be sufficient for Hydra if you are willing to play on manual. The one thing to watch out for is the Head of Torment which she will constantly counterattack if he places fears on your team; make sure to bring perfect veil or cleanses or you will find Lydia missing many of her turns due to this. 


Another great option for AoE Decrease Defence and Weaken, Venus brings some extra offensive utility by providing an AoE HP Burn debuff on her A3. This burn can add lots of extra damage as well as letting you continue to deal damage if a Poison Cloud buff goes out on the Hydra. Her A1 poisons are only effective against some Hydra heads but if you manually choose your targets then this can add a sneaky amount of damage as well. 


michinaki portrait

Michinaki brings a lot of utility in his kit, including AoE Hex, Decrease Defence, Decrease Attack and even single-target HP Burns. His passive lets him really shine as a damage dealer though because it brings a massive 50% chance to join in on any ally attack against an enemy under Hex. Funnily enough, it seems like the developers attempted to stop this working against decapitated heads in Hydra at one point before, however it still works at time of writing. This is very strong since decapitated heads take a lot of extra damage which will then be duplicated in part through the Hex debuffs that Michinaki applies. 

Fyna, Blade of Aravia

Fyna Portrait

This will probably be the most surprising entry on this list, since Fyna is a complicated champion while also being very new and rare as a recently added Faction Unity legendary. Her insane potential in Hydra comes from the huge amount of buffs (6 in total!!) That she can apply to your damage dealer while fully resetting their skills. When geared in a 9-piece protection set, she can turbo-charge your damage dealer with 30% extra damage from the set alone, not to mention the increases from the buffs themselves plus the reset. Obviously enough, she is incredible when paired with Trunda, but she can be good with any powerful damage dealer as well. This is not even mentioning her Faction Unity effects which could become very impactful if more powerful High Elf champions are added to the game in future. Expect to see a lot more teams with Fyna as 2024 progresses. 

Androc the Glorious

Androc Portrait

Another champion who is rare and yet to see their potential fully explored, Androc is a fairly new mythical champion who is sneakily strong in Hydra, with some teams already putting out huge numbers. He brings a ton of defensive buffs, healing and even buff extension which can easily solo sustain your team in any Hydra difficulty. The sneaky part of his kit though is his passive ability, which fills the turn meters of all allies by 5% whenever any of your team lands a critical hit. Due to Hydra teams having 6 members, the turn meter potential of this move is insanely strong (in a way that is hard to imagine without seeing). When he was initially released, he could also apply AoE Enfeeble to Hydra heads with his alternate form, but sadly the Hydra is being made immune to Enfeeble in the next major patch which is definitely a blow against this champion. 

Let us know what you think of these Top 20 Champions in the comments below!

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