Published On: June 8, 2021
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Some of the Best Champs that will be affected by the AI changes!

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There are some AI changes happening in Raid which could mean that some champs will be released from your vault! You’ll be able to decide the AI yourself! This is HUGEEEE!!! No more pointless A2s or A3s which won’t help you at all.


The game changers!

  1. Warlord – This orc will be disgusting! If he was to get enough accuracy and he went before you in the Arena then gg you’ve lost! He can lock you out whilst the rest of their team smacks you round the face and you lose.  The reason he’ll be busted is because you’ll get to choose the AI you want so there will be no confusion between choosing his A2 or A3. Unless we manual the A3, the orc will choose to A2 so with these changes we can guarantee he chooses the A3 and breaks the Arena!
  2. Prince Kymar – is already considered one of the best champions in the game but why not make him more busted! Currently he will use his A3 first in most situations but now we can tell him, “no please don’t do that, do your A2”! These changes will allow him to run fastest in Dungeons and reset your skills for the second wave speeding up your dungeon run times greatly.
  3. Madame Serris – Now you can tell the AI on Arena defence to always A3, therefore she’ll be on the busted list to ruin people’s chances of climbing in the Arena!
  4. Seer – Currently Seer is a bit shy when it comes to using her A3 because she won’t do it without an increase crit rate buff on her. This means that unless you have one in your team comp she’ll always A2 first to apply her increase crit rate buff then A3 which takes too long and the enemy have already killed her by then! Now you can just nuke every one without the dumb buff that won’t even buff her crit rate for the A3!
  5. Sicia Flametongue – Her AI currently is all over the place so us being able to control her next move will be bigggg! Choose her A3 when you can pick the AI because why wouldn’t you want to burn the opposition and then gain an extra turn so you can A2 anyway!!
  6. Vizier Ovelis – He is known to be amazing in Clan Boss with an extend ebuffs on his A1! So why on earth does he feel the need to use his other abilities? He uses debuffs that really you don’t want! Previously you’d have to manual to get him going but now you can auto away and he’ll be strong!

The Champs who’ll get a indirect buff!

  1. Coldheart – You can now control her A3 so she will do it straight away on Spider to reduce the cooldown. Maybe you want to turn the A2 off completely to reduce the damage so the HP Burn will last longer.
  2. Armiger – We can finally make Armiger use his A2, even if the enemies are higher turn meter or alternatively make him A1 all the time to maximise turn meter reduction.
  3. Alure – You can now disable all her other abilities so that she only does A1 – a great change for Fire Knight.
  4. Saito – Now we can make him A3 first in the Arena so that he can activate his strong AoE
  5. Dhukk the Pierced – Now we can stop his A3! Thank the Lord! What a pointless skill! With that turned off we can see more use in him as he can A2 as a priority.
  6. Candraphon – When running this nuker with a Dutchess why is he using his A3? Now we can turn that off and he can drop the big boy nukes on the enemy! Beware, this is situational.
  7. Shatterbones – Get him out of the vault guys he’s ready to make another appearance! We can now prioritise his A2 ahead of his A3 which is just plain better, plus it hits hard so he’ll be able to do some work again in the Dungeons.
  8. Lanakis the Chosen – She preferred her A3 before but no we don’t want RNG to decide whether we use our A2 so now we can make sure she uses her A2 first for the ally attack.
  9.  Sir Nicholas – You can prioritise his unkillable buff unlocking many different clan boss comps where he previously was frustrating to tune.
  10. Ultimate Galek – Can now make him A2 before the A3 allowing the Increase ATK buff to be on him so he can HP Burn.
  11. Chancellor Yasmin – You can force her to prioritise her a3 last or completely disable it so that she doesn’t use this skill when no buffs are up.
  12. Jotun – Before, he wouldn’t use his main ability so now you can change that and get him out the vault and make some use of him.
  13. Elhain – You can make her use A3 on Auto which is significantly more damage which should help you climb in Arena.
  14. Tayrel – You can choose to disable his a3 in places like Dragon if you dont require his TM control to maintain decrease attack.

Are there any more that I’m missing in the list? Let us know in the comments below and have fun with the AI changes because we are about to see some busted champions!

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2 years ago

I really enjoy your videos. I watch you more than all the rest of the content creators combined.