Published On: July 31, 2022

The BEST Arena Nukers in Raid Shadow Legends


We’re going to drop the top 20 Arena Champions, purely based on damage, ranked in order from lowest to highest damage potential!


20. Skullcrown
Still amazing in the arena, although falling behind a slight power creep over the years, for an epic champion she still hits incredibly hard and truly annoying with her passive unkillable, almost guaranteeing herself a turn. – Skullcrown also brings a Speed Aura which can be hugely valuable for newer players without a designated Speed Lead for arena.
Skullcrown is very commonly used in a Blender team, with ally attackers forcing her to use her AOE A1 ability and wipe out the entire enemy team in a matter of seconds.

19. Cleopterix
Cleopterix was recently buffed, and the best bit is she is entirely free from the daily login rewards – for a long time she was mocked for this because she just really wasn’t very good, but since her buff she has the potential of unleashing some crazy damage with 2 AOE abilities, and the ability to buff her own Critical Rate meaning you only need to build for 70% Crit Rate.

18. Ruel the Huntsmaster
Funnily enough, Ruel is the HARDEST hitting AOE Champion in the game, but the requirements needed for this are tricky which puts him lower in the list, as he only works if Hex is on the whole enemy team. With Savage gear and a helmsmasher proc – Ruel the Huntsmaster can ignore 100% of the enemies DEF. We just need a Speed Booster who provides Hex and Ruel will find himself in a prominent spot in the Arena Meta.

17. Robar
Again Robar is one of the highest hitters in the game, but requires very specific set up – you HAVE to have enemies under specific control abilities in order to truly unlock his potential. With the setup he will tear through enemies, without the setup he is still useful with his double AOE hits.

16. Ithos
Next up, Ithos is a great arena nuker especially due to him being Void Affinity, but what makes him so special is that he has 2 different hits, one of which is a triple hitter, meaning you can bypass Champions like Rotos the Lost Groom, and his other is guaranteed Critical Hit. Sadly you do still need Critical Rate for his A2 – If this was to change he would possibly be one of the best options in the game.

15. Hegemon
Hegemon can be an absolute monster when it comes to nuking, while he doesn’t quite match up to some of the top options, he gets to go before anyone else, so a high damage Hegemon Build can potentially wipe out the entire enemy team before anyone actually gets a turn. Although Hegemon is most commonly built for Control with high accuracy to lock out enemies.

14. Shemnath
Shemnath is a very new Champion and hits like a truck! Her first attack is a double hit, removing buffs and ignoring defense on each hit respectively. Although you will need Accuracy to enable the buff removal, Shemnath will still hit like an absolute truck – with the potential of having a huge Critical Damage boost based on enemy debuffs.

13. Rae
Rae is a true monster when it comes to damage, with ALL AOE attacks giving you lots of options to wipe out the enemy team. Her A2 is one of the hardest hitting abilities in the game if there are debuffs on the enemy as it will deal 50% more damage. Her A3 is also a buff strip giving her more utility and the chance to freeze the enemies. Unfortunately, Rae is very squishy with a very low base HP.

12. Mortu-Macaab
Mortu-Macaab became much stronger with the addition of gear sets like Stoneskin, allowing him to take multiple hits without dying, enabling his Passive, Peril – which if you’ve fought Campaign you’ll know the true pain of this ability. Well, in Arena it’s no different – a well geared Mortu-Macaab will one shot any champion in the game with Peril when it becomes available. Ontop of this, Mortu-Macaab can deal some real damage with his double-hitting AOE A2.

11. Foli
Foli has a great passive ability which acts as a pseudo immunity set, allowing him to break out of control and boost his turn meter, but what makes him so special is his A3 being a HUGE AOE hit that blocks revive, this skill will hit the initial target twice allowing you to focus a block revive onto priority targets. Foli’s damage however really does need the benefits of Increase ATK and Defense down to really enable him.

10. Hurndig
Hurndig is an absolute beast with multiple ways of taking out the enemies, he has a HUGE Single Target nuke which triggers a massive AOE Hit if it’s a critical hit. He also has a massive AOE hit with his A2 which is capable of nuking a whole team. Hurndig’s A1 gives him some protection from enemies such as Warlord as his A1 can grant him an extra turn whilst also reducing the cooldowns of his other abilities to get them back around.

9. Magnarr
Magnarr is an absolute beast of an Epic Champion, he doesn’t require any special set up, and his AOE nuke will hit twice, if enemies are not under HP Burn Debuffs. With Magnarr being HP based keeping him alive is not a huge concern, and he’s capable of keeping up with the top legendary nukers in arena with his double hit!

8. Soulless
Soulless is the best DEF Based nuker, which once again just like Magnarr means keeping him alive is easy. Soulless can absolutely obliterate enemies with his A3, with it doing more damage based on each debuff on the enemies. Pairing Soulless with somebody who can buff Increase DEF will enhance his damage massively.

7. Konstantin the Dayborn
Konstantin the Dayborn went from zero to hero with his recent buffs, due to his passive ability that blocks revive on Undead, Demonspawn and Knight’s Revenant enemies which covers lots of the TOP TIER Arena Champions such as Siphi and Duchess Lilitu. Konstantin the Dayborn has a double hit AOE which ignores additional DEF based on the enemy debuffs. Another bonus is the fact that Konstantin the Dayborn is Void Affinity, so you’ll never have to worry about weak hits.

6. Rotos the Lost Groom
He is still the king of Arena, especially paired with Siphi due to their synergy – allowing him to be completely immune to any form of debuffs, cleansing himself fully each turn he takes. Rotos the Lost Groom A3 is a mega-hit, which eventually can block revive if the fight is long enough and grants him an extra turn allowing him to unleash huge single target damage on another target. Rotos the Lost Groom is incredibly sustainable due to his passive and his A2 boosting his health pool.

5. Cupidus
Cupidus has climbed the ranks massively since his buff, and is strong on his own, but for him to claim rank 5 he requires Venus – and it makes him incredibly meta in Platinum Arena if she’s in the team.
When Venus is on the team, Cupidus will counterattack every time he’s hit and deal 25% more damage baseline, with an AOE A1 and AOE A2 he can obliterate any teams, sometimes without even taking a turn if you’re running a go-second team!

4. Hephraak
Hephraak could have easily been number 1, and some people may disagree – he actually does hit harder than them although requires more setup which makes him a little bit less impactful in some situations. Hephraak‘s AOE hit is absolutely nuts, but without the extra hit it’s not the top of the pack. Unfortunately, Hephraak’s HP is very low so he can’t take a hit to rotate through abilities and utilize his passive where he will unleash AOE Damage every time an ally dies.

3. Candraphon
Candraphon once upon a time was super weak, but he got a massive revamp making him possibly the best nuker for arena defense in the game, but in terms of brute power he is one of the best AOE hits in the game, especially paired with Champion’s like Duchess Lilitu who can provide him Perfect Veil as it will increase his damage by 40% – He does actually get a Veil passively when enemies buff but pairing him with someone who can provide it for him is much more reliable. Candraphon‘s A1 is nuts and will kill nearly anything in the game if they are under buffs as he will double hit.

2. Trunda Giltmallet
Trunda Giltmallet sat on the throne as top nuker for the longest time, and only recently has she stepped down and passed the crown. Trunda Giltmallet requires next to no setup and can kill nearly anything in the game with either of her AOE Abilities. When building Trunda Giltmallet, avoid ACC to enable her double hit.

1. Leorius the Proud
Leorius the Proud is an absolute BEAST, quite literally. Leorius the Proud deals more damage based on the amount of health he has lost, up to 99% increased damage which is absolutely disgusting, but he also becomes unkillable making him incredibly viable in both Go first and go second teams. Leorius the Proud has a passive that makes him immune to control effects which makes him incredibly hard to manage and stop him from tearing your team apart for fun.


Do you use any of these top 20 in your arena teams? Let us know in the comments!



  1. SS2020user July 31, 2022 at 5:53 pm

    I use Skullcrown as my nuker. I just 6 starred a Rotos for heros path, but I barely have any attack or hp in his build. Because of all my good damage gear beeing on Skullcrow and Seer my experience with Rotos has been pretty underwhelming.

  2. Ughbash August 1, 2022 at 4:21 pm

    Genbo the Dishonored… Great champion Boost himself before he AE’s so you only need a 70 crit rate. Assuming you have given him Increase attack he ignores unkillable so awesome for taking down your number 1 (Leorious)and your number 20 (Skullcrown) on this list :)

  3. Jeorge7th August 2, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    I used Rae for many months with great success but was still losing to teams with revive. So I’m now using Inithwe with great success – I’m surprised Inithwe didn’t make the list! Passive to block revive, massive A2 single target and an A3 AOE that can easily drop all enemies. I’ve tried Trunda but not with as much success to be honest – not sure what I’m doing wrong with her!

  4. Karduce August 4, 2022 at 11:34 am

    while I think you’re absolutely right about #1-4 I might disagree about a few of those other things.

    1. You mention Ruel who needs HEX to AoE ignore 75% DEF (25% savage + 25% a trigered Helmsmasher + if 4 targeds with HEX). I think Thea with the same gear, same masteries and same conditions does even more damage with her Hexreaper (only 50% ignore DEF but additional 200% damage). Use a well build Mithrala and the 4 targets with HEX should be there.

    2. Mortu-Macaab only works with special build teams and if we are talking about stoneskin as a setup, I rather like that on Gaius (of course with comletely other stats). Both need their special setup or can be countered very easy, but if this setup works it a hell of a lot of fun. So it’s not really disagree about Mortu, but I think you should have mention Gaius on at least the same level.

    3. since I got Trunda (3x), Candy , Foli (2x), Hurndig, Magnar (2x), Skullcrown (2x), Rae, Robar and a “few” more options I’m not very tempted to build Cleopterix for arena. I guess it’s just fair since she is a login champ, but when talking about those login champs I think Dark Elhain works even better in some situations. If you don’t have Foli, she is THE option against freeze, or double the fun and use two of them if you got. ;)

    4. Genbo should be on the list, I rank him way higher than Skullcrown (except for Blender). He isn’t just the solution for unkillable (like Leorius, Skullcrown or swift parry), if you can squeeze in a bit of ACC you get a 50% chance to steal something like block damage. And in a none blender setup he does more damage than Skullcrown.

    5. and the buffed Yakarl. If you can set him up with the right team, I always would prefer him over champs like Rae or Robar. And he basically is free since you can get his shards from clanshop.

  5. Maleci August 29, 2022 at 11:38 pm

    You forgot Yannica, as shield meta gains momentum she will gain a lot of value.

  6. Amelia85 January 21, 2023 at 5:58 pm

    No Baron?

  7. dracula88 February 15, 2023 at 7:36 pm

    Baron got a buff after this list came out

  8. Venonis March 14, 2023 at 5:39 am

    Cool list, but needs to be updated, now that the likes of Baron, Georgid and Taras have changed the top rankings.

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