Published On: September 21, 2022
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The best gear to use for Hydra Clan Boss

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When it comes to gear your champions for hydra, there’s a lot to consider. Some champions will benefit more from specific sets than others. And some gearing choices may depend on who else is, or is not, in the team. Let’s break down some of the most useful sets to use in hydra and the best champions and situations to use them in.

Relentless Artifact Set

This set gives the wearer an 18% chance to take an extra turn. When it comes to fighting in hydra, you’re typically less worried about “speed tunes” like classic Clan Boss and more worried about coming back to the most important skills as much as possible. The more extra turns you take, the faster those big skills are ready again. This set is good for almost anyone you could plan to use in hydra: Healers, revivers, debuffers, damage dealers, they all can benefit. Pair this with Refresh accessories and you can get some insane luck that greatly boosts your hydra performance.

Geomancer is great in this to come back to the placing of HP burn which also helps his passive do more damage. Uugo can heal and cleanse your team then hit and place Block Buffs and Decrease Defense in the same turn. Nekmo Thaar already cycles through his skills fast but can do so even faster with this set. Ninja might already be in Relentless for your main clan boss team and can benefit in Hydra as well with it. Godseeker only revives 1 champion at a time with her A3 so a set like relentless could help her to be able to revive more often.

Note: You can only get Relentless gear through placing in Tournaments and rare shop ($) offers.

Reflex Artifact Set

This set gives the wearer a 40% chance to reduce the cooldown of one of their skills. The importance of Reflex is the same idea as relentless: being able to come back to the important skills faster. This has a much higher chance to proc so can be considered more valuable than Relentless, depending on the situation. This is particularly good for champions that only have 1 other active skill that goes on cooldown; however in hydra is considered to be valuable for all.

Royal Guard and Husk are easy to build focusing on crit damage for their A2 skills and with reflex, the chance to come back to that more often can help ramp up your damage fast or rescue champions that have been devoured faster. Uugo being able to cleanse and heal again on the next given it’s a limited cleanse can really really save the day if you’re getting stacked up with poisons and other debuffs. This set alone makes Ice Golem worth farming for all levels, especially end-game hydra.

Note: The new champion Djamarsa has a passive that’s like having a “built-in reflex set” for the whole team. Keep this in mind if your gear is lacking and you’re looking for a reviver to help the team.

Taunting Artifact Set

This is a set that gives the wearer a 30% chance to place Provoke for 1 turn when attacking. Being able to Provoke the Head of Decay has made this set increase in value. The best part about this is that it can also land through Poison Cloud and doesn’t require Accuracy. It’s a great supplement for some back-up provoking in your team. This set gives you another reason to farm Ice Golem (sorry!).

If you have a Khoronar, you probably already have it equipped on him. He has an AoE A1 and his kit results in him counterattacking often, making him a great candidate for this set (plus he also Provokes as a skill on his A2). Another strong candidate for this set would be Nekmo Thaar. He goes quite often with extra turns and Turn Meter fills built into his kit and has an AoE A1 making him a perfect fit.

guardian helmet

Guardian Artifact Set

This set heals the wearer by 10% every turn and transfers 10% of damage from allies to the wearer. This is a great protection set to put on someone with high HP that can take a hit and help mitigate damage for the whole team. One of the best uses for this is in a team that is missing an AoE Decrease ATK debuff. That debuff is important to have to help mitigate damage, especially if Wrath is around. It also can just be overall extra protection if you’re lacking other support like shields and Increase DEF buffs.

Any champion that you’re building “tanky” is a good candidate. Some kits also lend themselves well, like a Mother Cybele for example. Her passive actually helps the team if she dies and again when she revives. It can actually play to your advantage to have her in Guardian and dying frequently as long as you have a strong reviver like Siphi to keep popping her back up.

Perception Artifact Set

The gear requirements are high for hydra and this 2-piece set gives 40 Accuracy and 5% Speed. It’s a better version of standard Accuracy gear and easy to farm thanks to Faction Wars & the Forge. Keeping a combination of pieces with Resistance, Speed & Accuracy stats & substats for this set will help building your teams much easier.

Mischief tanks that need high accuracy as well as resistance will benefit greatly. Keeping a Resistance chest in the Perception set, for example, will help you get all of the stats you need for a Skull Lord Var-Gall, Soulless, Krisk, etc.

Stone Skin & Protection Artifacts

It’s important to give a mention to these newer sets as not just being for PvP. For Stone skin, you get 8% HP with 1 piece of gear and 40 Resistance with 2 pieces. Protection gives 20 Resistance with just 1 piece and 15% HP with 2 pieces. These make for great “mixed set” additions, using 1 or 2 of them to add some extra stats if the gear itself is strong.

Refresh Accessories

If you have any of these, it’s best to try to get them on your hydra champions. They give a 5% chance to prevent skill cooldown per piece. You can stack them for up to 15% chance. This is like Reflex gear and pairs well with that or Relentless. Overall, they’re the best option for Accessories for hydra for any champion (unless you’re literally only using them for their A1 skill).

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