Published On: April 13, 2023
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The Best Damage Dealers for RAID Arena


When you look at the top players of Platinum Arena, you can almost guarantee that you will see at least one of these Champions in their teams, whether it be offense or defense – so for those of you who want to be the best, you need to train like the best!

We’re going to break down the ‘Best Damage Options’ for Arena in 2023, to help everybody get a good foot in the door of Live Arena to work towards earning Quintus the Triumphant.

The meta constantly chops and changes, and with the rise of tanky Champions and Ultimate Deathknight in Defense teams, you may need to structure your teams a bit differently than before, with Ignore Defense and Single-Target nukers prevailing in many situations over your standard ‘Speed Team’.

For example, somebody like Turvold who has never seen much action in Arena may come in clutch to pick off tanky Champions on your opponent’s team – let’s hope he can keep his nerve and become the ultimate gladiator!

AOE Arena Nukers


Taras the Fierce
His a3 Constant Pressure is a Nuke and a half, he attacks all enemies and his damage increases by 15% for each buff on allies so if you have the right set up you could blow people up with this ability! Our damage calc says he is GODLIKE so why not build him out if you have him and are unsure where to play him. He could be the key to pushing Live arena! This damage is based on his HP stat as well so make sure you build him like a meat shield then all of a sudden he nukes enemies like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m sure you have all heard Hellhades in all his shard pull videos that he really wants a Harima and there is no surprise why that is the case. She has an AOE Provoke that can’t be resisted if you are a part of the Demonspawn Faction – for example against enemy Duchess Lilitu‘s. But on top of that it hits like a truck, it is GODLIKE on our ratings and if you have this champion then you need to build her out because you are missing out massively on where you could be in the arena!

He used to be one of the greatest and still is a great arena nuker especially due to him being Void Affinity, but what makes him so special is that he has 2 different hits, one of which is a triple hitter, meaning you can bypass Champions like Rotos the Lost Groom, and his other is guaranteed to be a Critical Hit. Sadly you do still need Critical Rate for his A2 – If this was to change he would possibly be one of the best options in the game.

Trunda Giltmallet
She is still up there for nukes, she may not be the strongest and most feared however her Thighs don’t lie she has still been to the gym and can still lay down a nuke! She requires no set up so can be thrown into any team and still dish out some pain!

Ruel the Huntsmaster
Funnily enough, Ruel is the HARDEST hitting AOE Champion in the game, but the requirements needed for this are tricky which puts him lower in the list, as he only works if Hex is on the whole enemy team. With Savage gear and a helm smasher proc – Ruel the Huntsmaster can ignore 100% of the enemies DEF. We just need a Speed Booster who provides Hex and Ruel will find himself in a prominent spot in the Arena Meta.

His Skypiercer still annihilates but he is more of a glass cannon as he is very difficult to keep alive BUT when this AOE ability goes off the enemy will be feeling it for days!

Once upon a time was super weak, but he got a massive revamp making him possibly the best nuker for arena defense in the game, but in terms of brute power he is one of the best AOE hits in the game, especially paired with Champion’s like Duchess Lilitu who can provide him Perfect Veil as it will increase his damage by 40% – He does actually get a Veil passively when enemies buff but pairing him with someone who can provide it for him is much more reliable. Candraphon’s A1 is nuts and will kill nearly anything in the game if they are under buffs as he will double-hit.

is an absolute beast of an Epic Champion, he doesn’t require any special set-up, and his AOE nuke will hit twice if enemies are not under HP Burn Debuffs. With Magnarr being HP-based keeping him alive is not a huge concern, and he’s capable of keeping up with the top legendary nukers in the arena with his double hit!

He is the best DEF Based nuker, which once again just like Magnarr means keeping him alive is easy. Soulless can absolutely obliterate enemies with his A3, with it doing more damage based on each debuff on the enemies. Pairing Soulless with somebody who can buff Increase DEF will enhance his damage massively.

Leorius the Proud
This Lion is an absolute BEAST, quite literally. Leorius the Proud deals more damage based on the amount of health he has lost, up to 99% increased damage which is absolutely disgusting, but he also becomes unkillable making him incredibly viable in both Go first and go second teams. Leorius the Proud has a passive that makes him immune to control effects which makes him incredibly hard to manage and stops him from tearing your team apart for fun.

While he is an AOE Nuker, the amount of single target damage he can do with counter-attacks with his A1 while low health is seriously capable of tearing through any Champion in the game.

He has climbed the ranks massively since his buff, and is strong on his own, but for him to reach his maximum potential and deal MAXIMUM DAMAGE he requires his partner Venus. When Venus is on the team, Cupidus will counterattack every time he’s hit and deal 25% more damage baseline, with an AOE A1 and AOE A2 he can obliterate any teams, sometimes without even taking a turn if you’re running a go-second team!

Cupidus has the capability of single-target nuking some of the strongest Champions in the game on top of his incredible AOE Capabilities with his A3 ability.

Ignore Defense Arena Nukers


Georgid the Breaker
This Christmas Nutcracker is an absolute monster that you would not want to face. His Passive is: 50% chance to ignore 50% of the targets DEF from each hit placed by this champion. UMMM… Busted make sure you build him in crit Damage and 100% Crit because already ignoring half of your enemies DEF is massive! His a3 can ignore Stone Skin so he really is one of the best!

Rotos the Lost Groom
Rotos is much better in the offence than he is in defence so when it comes to live arena be sure to ban out Ultimate Deathknight so you don’t get countered. But even from his release he has been up there as a massive Offensive arena character because he is just so crazy strong! He ignores Unkillable buffs and Block Damage with his a3 plus 60% of their DEF so he just slashes people in half. Plus he has a Block Revive so they can’t get back up and try again! Then on top of this, he gets an Extra Turn if this skill kills an enemy. Just be careful not to get countered!

Hephraak could have easily been number 1, and some people may disagree – he actually does hit harder than them although requires more setup which makes him a little bit less impactful in some situations. Hephraak’s AOE hit is absolutely nuts, but without the extra hit it’s not the top of the pack. Unfortunately, Hephraak’s HP is very low so he can’t take a hit to rotate through abilities and utilize his passive where he will unleash AOE Damage every time an ally dies.

Mortu is a beast but he has a weird set up so you want to build him in HP and Crit Damage because once his Peril unleashes the enemies won’t be able to stand the force of this ability. Peril is a secret skill that only has a 20% chance to unlock but when it does you unleash hell on your opponents and Mortu will leave no mortal in his wake.

Inquisitor Shamael
Inquisitor whilst under buffs is capable of ignoring 100% of Enemy Defense without the need for Savage or Lethal Gear if you are able to place 3 Buffs on him, which many arena teams will have by default. Inquisitor can be incredibly important for taking out highly defensive enemies such as Duchess Lilitu.

Single Target Arena Nukers


Some of you may know him for working in a petrol station but he is there no more as he has become meta recently in Arena! He is a massive counter to Ultimate Deathknight and tanky defensive teams so if you pulled him during his Guaranteed event then you have worked wonders there! He really puts that sword to great use and decimates all the tanky characters in the arena!

Fenax is an incredibly underrated Champion when it comes to damage output, with the hardest-hitting A1 ability in the game, Fenax can tear through enemies that are under debuffs and Block Revive on successful kills (which will be frequently!)


The live arena has just hit servers so be sure to build out some of these champions and battle your way into the top spot to claim the mighty champion who is unbeaten in a fight Quintus the Triumphant! Check out YST’s video below featuring NubRaids to get some more info! Good Luck in the arena and we hope to see you there climbing ranks shortly!

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