Published On: June 14, 2023
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Best Rares in Raid Shadow Legends


Have you ever wondered what the Best Rares in Raid are? Read this article and find out for yourself! Rare champions don’t get all the love they deserve in Raid Shadow Legends so here is a list of the best ones that will benefit your accounts and the ones that you should invest some time and resources into as they will profit great benefit to your account.

Frozen Banshee

frozen banshee

Frozen Banshee came as a freebie in the original battle pass and she was a great pickup for most accounts as she was one of the first with the [Poison Sensitivity] debuff. She needs to a3 to get the [Poison Sensitivity] out then she needs to a1 to get a chance to place double Poisons, this makes her one of the best poisoners in the game, let alone being a rare champion.

If you can put her in counterattacking accessories, retaliation gear or partner her with a Counter-attack champion or ally attack she really excels and places more poisons (Providing she has enough accuracy) than most other champions. Her a2 is pretty pointless and may run you out of a speed tune so stick to a3 and a1’s because that’s where the damage is over time. If you are struggling to find a poisoner then Frozen Banshee may be the venom that you’re looking for.

Pain Keeper

Pain keeper

Pain Keeper is a great rare champion that has quite a unique and niche skill which enables other champions very well such as a Maneater or Demytha. Pairing these champions with Pain Keeper can allow you to make budget Unkillable comps in Clan Boss and gives you a great chance to 2 key UNM CB fairly early on, obviously, she isn’t the hard one to pull as she is a rare champion but Maneater and Pain Keeper are like bread and butter they partner so well together.

The reason Pain Keeper is so good is because of her a3 which [Decreases the cooldown] of an ally skill by 1 turn. This means your allies get their better skills back quicker and if you speed-tune her correctly then you’ll be on your way to UNM Cb in no time at all. Follow this link for a budget-unkillable team.

She works well in certain secret rooms to allow other champions to get their abilities away so she’ll never be the centre of attention but she is the hard-working engine keeping your teams in tune and making them better.



Warmaiden is one of the first AOE Decrease Defence champions you’ll obtain in the game (minus starting promo codes) and she is farmable in the early stages of the campaign in The Deadlands (Stage 9). It will take you some time to farm her as the drop rate is pretty small, but it is well worth the resources and time trying to get her if you don’t pull an AOE Decrease Defence early on. The reason her one is so good is that it is on a 3 turn cooldown. You need her to be faster than your nuker who in most cases is your starter champion so she can land the debuff first to allow your nuker to attack with the enemies having 60% Decreased Defence making your damage output a lot stronger.

She has been power crept by other champions nowadays but she is still great and is still a good investment in the early game to clear through arena or Campaign.

Reliquary Tender

reliquary tender

Reliquary Tender is a very valuable rare to have in your roster because she brings quite a lot of support for your team. She has a nice revive single target on her a3 but it is her a2 that she is most known for and if you follow the F2P series that started in January you’ll see that Hellhades and Lockers were fortunate to pull one and she has been levelled. Her a2 is a full team Cleanse then places Continuous Heals to top up your ally’s HP. The Cleanse is so good to have on your team to get rid of the nasty Debuffs that aren’t wanted on your team!



Bellower is one of the OG top rares in the game and his position still stands as one of the best and it is for good reason! Bellower is all AOE, meaning all his abilities attack all enemies which is great if you want to clear waves on Dungeons or campaign farm. Now what makes him even better is putting him in a control set such as Stun, Daze or Provoke. The reason you put Bellower in these types of sets is that when you are clearing waves say on Doom Tower you need to slow down your opponents and what better way to do that than put them to sleep or Stun them. He really is one of the best for this or you can put him in fast gear to clear the campaign before your enemies get a go meaning he has quite a quick 12-3 stage clear. His a1 also has Block Active Skills and for a rare champion that is crazy good as it locks out enemies from hitting your team too hard.



Renegade aka the budget Prince Kymar is a great rare to have on any account as her a3 Decreases the Cooldown of ally skills by 2 turns but it costs her 30% of her MAX HP and to be honest that is a good trade! She may not be your first 60 BUT she will be in your teams until the very end because if you partner her with another champion on this list Coldheart then you allow Coldheart to pull off double Heartseeker but more on that later. Renegade is similar to Pain Keeper in the sense she isn’t a carry but she is like the engine and will fix your team’s run times out drastically because you can get double big hitting abilities off thanks to Renegade. Alongside that, her a1 and a2 is generally good for Fire Knight because of her triple hit a2 to knock the shield down then a Heal Reduction on her a1 to keep the boss’s HP levels down.



Apothecary is of the champions whose name you’ll hear a lot in the early game because he is good at boosting your team’s Turn Meter and he has a good heal ability. Not only is it a Turn Meter boost it is an Increase Speed Buff for your team as well so he is a really good supporting character that can help you in the arena to outspeed your opponents. The only thing he is missing is a Speed Boost aura which is upsetting but High Khatun can aid you with that one. Get Apothecary in the Minotaur dungeon and get Giant Slayer on him for improved Clan Boss Damage!



Kael is easily the best starter in the game as he brings so much more positives to your teams. He excels in areas of the game better than the other starter champions because he is able to bring poison damage which is often the best source of damage in the early game.

He has a 2.5% Poison on his a1 and up to 4 chances at random to inflict the 5% poison debuff on his a3. His a2 is an AOE Ability which gives him additional Turn Meter if it kills and includes a 25% chance to critically hit meaning you can build him to 75% Crit rate instead of the full 100%.

He is easily your best starter champion in Fire Knight, Dragon, and Clan Boss and can even take out enemies in the arena all the way into Gold tier. Most players still keep their Kael as a Poisoner because he is just so efficient at his job that he doesn’t get replaced unless it’s by an absolute beast. We could go on and on about how good he is but it’s time to move on!



Paragon is the cheesiest character in Raid and he thrives off it. Have you ever gone into a Doom tower wave and pressed auto then gone to make lunch to find out you haven’t cleared the wave 50 minutes in thanks to this fella Paragon. Paragon is one of the few ways to beat Nightmare Campaign due to his unique skill and skill cooldown. This guy can not be killed if you manual the fight and don’t get CC’d. You need 2 books to be lucky in his a2 and boom you have an unkillable machine at your fingertips. His a2 places an unkillable buff on a target ally (Place it on Paragon!) for 2 turns on a 2-turn cooldown when booked. All you need to do is build Paragon in high Resist and you have one of the most annoying champions in the game.



Coldheart is one of the best rares in the game and there is a reason that players hunt for her forever and that is because of her Heartseeker ability on her a3. It DESTROYS bosses because it does ENEMY MAX HP damage, then on top of this it decreases Enemy Turn Meter by 100% which is great all by itself but partnered up with the massive Nuke that she drops she is unstoppable. Not only that her a1 is amazing in Fire Knight because it is a 4 hitter and it places Heal Reduction to stop the boss from healing. You only need to build her to 70% Crit Rate due to her a3 boosting it to 100% so you can just focus on getting as much Crit Damage into your build as possible. The a3 ability is also fantastic for Spider, Dark FAE, Iron Twins and Fire Knight to name a few areas but realistically she is getting level 60’d ASAP and you wouldn’t even think twice. Most players want multiple copies because she is in World Record teams to take down bosses!

These are our top picks for rares in Raid Shadow Legends! Who would you add to the list?

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11 months ago

Also, Fellhound, since he’s (arguably) the best campaign farmer.

Let’s not forget some of the fantastic ones that are great for DT Hard secret rooms –

Avir the Archmage, Soulbond Bowyer, Berserker, Fleshmonger, Sentinel, Executioner, Abyssal.

Love all them!

Alex Wiz
Alex Wiz
11 months ago

I’ll give some love to Athel and Elhain too. They are great at the beginning of the game.