Epic Champion Empowerment Guide

This Ultimate Epic Champion Empowerment tier list will help you choose the right Epic Champions to Empower in order to crush Raid: Shadow Legends’ toughest dungeons, bosses, and end-game content!

Top choice Champions are listed by content area and boss, and assessed based on:

  • the Champion’s overall power curve
  • how Empowerment benefits their skills and kit
  • their relevance to the content area/dungeon
  • how frequently they are picked for teams in the relevant content areas

In addition to this guide, you can check out the complete and regularly updated Ultimate Empowerment Tier List Spreadsheet below.

Best Universal Empowered Epic Champions

These Epic Champions are so tough they’ll make clearing any dungeon, arena match, or boss much easier when properly Empowered.

These guys are great go-to’s whether you need generalists, or to fill gaps in a specific team roster for certain content.

You can also find more info on all Epic and additional tier Raid: Shadow Legends Champions in our Champions tier list.

Stag Knight

Stag Knight
  • Universal debuffs: [Decrease SPD] [Decrease ATK] [Decrease DEF]
  • Increase Champion’s SPD and ACC to help sustain debuffs
  • Best epic wave clearer available
  • Note: Avoid the additional HP/DEF if you want a 6-star awakened Seer to die on the boss wave

Deacon Armstrong

  • Best team setup for mid and late game
  • Works well with any team setup

Fahrakin the Fat

  • Best Epic Ally Attack Champion with strong [Burn HP] [Decrease DEF] and [Poison] debuffs
  • Solid choice for most content areas
  • Reactive team heal when attacked
  • Benefits from 40% HP pool increase for even better team healing


  • God tier choice for high ACC requirement encounters like Sorath and the Iron Twins
  • Gets big benefits from the 40% ACC boost and additional survival stat increase
  • Great boss debuffs including [Decrease DEF] [Decrease SPD] and [Weaken]AND team buff of [Increase C RATE]
  • +10 and +40 SPD and ACC boost enables you to reach the hardest stat requirements in the game

Best Empowered Epic Champions for Clan Boss

Poison and Tier-6 Mastery procs are the most effective way to damage the Clan Boss, but your team will need good survability too. This is where the SPD, HP, and DEF boosts from Empowerment can come in useful, especially for the following Epic Champions.

Make sure to check our Clan Boss guide for overall strategies and more info too.

  • Highly valuable Champion for unkillable 2:1 and greater comps
  • Features in almost all top tier damage teams


  • Clan boss teams and comps with this Champion are the most accessible
  • A staple choice for most clan boss teams
  • Benefits from the +10 SPD boost


  • Old school but still the most used Epic Champion in clan boss teams
  • +10 SPD helps set up high speed ceiling teams


  • Best Spirit Affinity Epic Champion available
  • SPD boost helps apply [Increase C.RATE] and [Increase ATK] team buffs more frequently
  • Core damage dealer for many bateater teams
  • Benefits from all Empowerment stat increases
  • Solid alternative to Fayne, especially for block damage focused teams
  • Good range of debuffs including [Decrease DEF] [Decrease ACC] and [Poison]
  • Benefits greatly from speed and damage boosts
  • Book hungry but worth it – one of the top 20 clan boss damage dealers across all rarities
  • 40% increases in damage, speed, and critical rate from Empowerment make her an even more barbaric barbarian.

Dark Kael

Dark Kael, one of Nub Raids's Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem.
  • Neutralizes Clan Boss damage with [Decrease ATK] and brings lots of [Poison] debuffs to the fight
  • Excellent passive
  • Boost in HP, defense, speed, and accuracy make him popular in traditional teams

Toragi The Frog

  • Best available Epic ally protector for traditional teams with good mix of buffs and debuffs including [Poison] [Provoke] [Shield] and [Ally Protection]
  • 40% increase in HP and DEF makes it easier for teams to last over 100 turns

Best Empowered Epic Champions for Hydra

Taking down the Hydra is no easy feat. In addition to the six heads, which all have their own abilities, unique mechanics like consumption and digestion make this a tricky encounter to beat.

Go in with the best chance of success with this list of the best Empowered Epic Champions for chopping off Hydra heads, and read our Hydra Clan Boss guide for additional tips.


  • Top tier boss killer
  • Damage boost from Empowerment enables her to vaporize bosses with ease


  • Most effective Torment solution
  • Benefits from either offensive or defensive stat boosts to fill a damage or mischief tank role
  • One of the best block buff Champions around and the best in Epic tier
  • Found in many teams
  • HP and ACC boosts give him even better damage

Royal Guard

Royal Guard
  • One of the two best AoE Max HP nukes along with Husk
  • Extra critical damage helps reach the Cap – HP/DEF boosts allow you to focus on DMG gear
  • One of the two best AoE Max HP nukes along with Royal Guard
  • Similar to Royal Guard, extra critical damage helps reach the Cap, while HP/DEF boosts allow you to focus on DMG gear

White Dryad Nia

white dryad nia portrait
  • Popular in Tundra/Reset teams
  • x10 SPD boost lets her recycle abilities including [Ally protection] and [Decrease SPD] faster


skraank portrait
  • High damage and Ninja-esque skills
  • Gains a hefty 25% ATK boost when Empowered thanks to his passive
  • Benefits from the extra ACC to sustain burns while HP/DEF increases make him an effective glass cannon
  • Good debuff transfer Uugo alternative with [Block Buffs]
  • Can sustain [Block Buff] without worrying about Affinity
  • Stat boosts from Empowerment make him even more reliable
  • Can wreak havoc on debuffed enemies
  • Benefits greatly from the extra survivability of Empowered HP and DEF boost

Best Empowered Epic Champions for Arena

Even the slightest tweak to your team can make a difference in the Arena, enabling you to take home some valuable rewards that benefit your wider game.

If you’re new to the Arena, take a look at our guide to understanding the Raid Shadow Legends Arena.

These are the top Epic Champions to Empower to help you ace Arena matches.


Magnarr, one of Nub Raids's Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem.
  • Great for smashing through tough defenses, especially when Awakened
  • 40% HP boost that can only be removed by destroying max HP

Madame Serris

  • Old school debuff queen that can still compete with Ramantu
  • Benefits from the Empowered boost in ACC and SPD
  • Unique skill that can ignore [Unkillable] when he’s buffed with [Increased ATK]
  • Pairing a boosted critical rate with his self-buffs makes him even more dangerous


  • Powerful A1 and A2 AoE nukes that can surprise your opponents
  • Benefits from the extra DMG boost through empowerment


  • Support focused but has a powerful A1 nuke
  • Gets good benefits from all stat increases when Empowered

Gala Longbraids

  • Often underestimated (as a baby Turvold), but she can dish out good damage
  • Empowerment boots her damage dealing potential even higher
  • One of the few Epic Champions with an AoE skill cooldown
  • Good budget choice
  • High benefits from increased ACC and SPD when Empowered

Best Empowered Epic Champions for Doom Tower

Conquering the floors of the Doom Tower is a key part of Raid’s late/end-game. In addition to the 120 floors of enemies to fight through, there are secret rooms that can only be triggered by meeting special requirements (check out our Doom Tower guide for more insights).

Here are the best Empowered Epic Champions to trash Doom Tower mobs:

  • AoE turn meter control queen with useful [Decrease ACC] and [Decrease SPD] debuffs
  • Works very well with stun set
  • ACC boost from empowerment helps her debuffs hit while the SPD increase helps cycle her A3 faster.

Mistrider Daithi

mistrider daithi portrait