Published On: March 19, 2023
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It’s time for another Clan Boss Draft! Content Creator Challenge!


It’s time for another Clan Boss Draft!

Introducing the Clover Clan Boss Draft 

Starting today, 5 awesome content creators will be taking part in an epic challenge head-to-head to build the best Clan Boss team, of course, there will be a twist to this, they cannot use the same Champions.

Today was draft day, where they got the chance to pick the champions that would form their team, with a slight twist on the fact that the live YouTube Chat were able to ban 1 champion from each creators team.

You may have seen the last series of this challenge in 2022, where Hellhades was crowned the winner.


The Creators

Taking part are the following: In the draft order

YST Youtube|Twitch
Coldbrew Youtube|Twitch
Deadwoodjedi Youtube|Twitch
Hellhades Youtube|Twitch
Nub Raids Youtube


How it works

The draft format is a snake draft, they picked Champions in order, then reverse back through the list, so for example Nub picks 5th, but also get to pick the 6th Champion, and so on.

The reason this will be such a challenge is that not only are these Content Creators incredibly smart when it comes to picking out and executing teams, but specific tunes rely on very specific Champions to allow them to work, so the Content Creators are really going to have to figure out a way to form a team, as the likelihood of them getting all of the Champions for an already existing tune without somebody else picking it in their draft before them is very unrealistic.

The twist this time, is they MUST use one GREEN Champion in honour of St Patrick’s Day, and they cannot use any legendary Champions, so expect some much lower results than last time!

This will be taking place from today, till next Friday – on the Test Server so they’re able to mess around with gear as much as they’d like without annihilating their main accounts.

At the end of the week, all best runs will be submitted, and the winner will be declared.


Draft Results


Who do you think is going to win? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

I’ll take the 5 banned champs to create my CB team. LOL