Published On: September 29, 2023
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This secret room requires you to use Epic Champions only. Lets break down how to approach this challenge!


Enemy Waves


Below are the waves you will face in the secret room including the stats – generally secret room enemies are much slower than other aspects of Doom Tower.

Throughout these waves you will have to overcome the damage, healing & unkillable buffs, therefore utilising a team synergy to counter this will be beneficial. You may be set up with a team to powerhouse through these waves, although taking out the revive / support champions protecting the less tanky options may speed up your road to victory.

Utilising strong forms of crowd control over your own will also be handy in controlling this encounter.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


How to beat the secret room!


Below is the recommend team that is best fit to beat this room. We also detail alternatives for each champion if you do not have them. It is worth noting alternatives are fine replacements but will be less efficient i.e. potentially make the run slower or require you to run a few times to get good RNG.

Keeping with the theme of Epic Champions only, you will also be facing only epics!

Utilising a team at rank 6 may do the job for you, although bringing in a synergy filled with multiple roles is ideal for victory.

Here we have broken down an example implementing AOE Decrease Defence, Stuns for crowd control, AOE poisons with damage mitigation passives followed by 2 forms of support / heals or revives.

You may also notice a cleanse champion has been utilised to counter any tedious Debuffs coming your way.

MVPs for this Strategy

Rector Drath – This champion has stood the test of time as a top-tier support champion. Her roles consist of AOE heals, single target revives & perfect veils. She also has a passive & aura to increase ally resistance to resist incoming debuffs, granted your champions meet the stat thresholds.

Archmage Hellmut – Archmage is a phenomenal champion obtainable via fragments from completing secret rooms on normal. His kit consists of Increase Speed, Increase Crit Rate & Crit Damage to amplify your team’s potential, followed by AOE stuns or Turn meter reduction when stuns aren’t active. A simple kit but one to watch out for!

Toragi The Frog – Toragi is traditionally known as a Clan Boss specialist, although utilising him for this encounter can be great (as you may already have him maxed out). This all comes to fruition in forms of Ally protection to keep your team alive, but also his AOE provokes for controlling enemy waves. The synergy of sustain and control can be extremely valuable.

Skullcrown / Sinesha – This duo pairing has great synergy for taking down enemies above & below 50% HP. A great strategy is also building one (or both) in stun artefacts to potentially stun your opponents. This combination of damage and control shouldn’t be underrated!

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options for some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:

Damage OptionsWhisper, Faceless, Nogoryo, Magnarr, Inquisitor Shamael, Fenax, Mistrider Daithi

Supports: Cardinal, Godseeker Aniri, White Dryad Nia, Broadmaw, Rearguard Sergeant, Demytha, Conellia, Skytouched Shaman, Rian The Conjurer, Runekeeper Dazdurk

ControlHoskarul, Vogoth, Umbral Enchantress, Giscard the Sigiled, Tuhak The Wanderer, Dhukk The Pierced, Suiren, Akemtum

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