Raid Shadow Legends
Published On: August 24, 2021

The best rares in Raid: Shadow Legends:


Who are the great rare champions in Raid: Shadow Legends?

There are lots of great rare champions in this game, for all areas, however a lot of them are used less and less as you progress through the game.

Here is a small list of some of the greatest rare champions.


Reliquary Tender
Pain Keeper

Damage Dealers:

Ogryn Jailer (hardest ST rare in the game)
Fell hound
Frozen Banshee


Gravechill Killer
Coffin Smasher


Soulbond Bowyer

Additional mentions:

Hellborn Sprite
Corpulent Cadaver


What is good about these champions and where are they used?

Many of these champions are viable right through to end-game, and nearly all of them will help you with early progression on your account.

Some of them however are only useful as you get further into the game, and either have the teams OR the gear to fully utilize them.

We’ve included Hellborn Sprite and Corpulent Cadaver as a special mention which really would not be mentioned if it wasn’t for the most recent Clan Boss World Record – VictorTES has managed to hit a whopping 571.35M damage in ONE-KEY on Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss using these two champions in the team.

Paragon is also a special mention as he can be used to cheese as many people are aware of, but to do so – he is best left unlevelled to draw the enemies’ attention to him.

Many of the other champions mentioned can be used in any area of content, and depending on your roster, may fill a large part of your teams for all content.


What type of account are these champions good for?

As mentioned above, many of these champions may be great for all accounts, but a select few of them see a LOT of play even in the endgame.

Pain Keeper is used together with Maneater(s) to build some of the best unkillable Clan Boss teams.

Renegade partnered with Seer in place of Kymar will create the dream combo for farming dungeons in very fast times.

Coldheart is a core element in many Fire Knight and Spider teams, even since the nerf to Max HP from stage 21-25. Prior to this, she was also involved in speed farming stage 20 due to her max HP hit taking significant amounts of HP from bosses while subsequently dropping their turn meter.

While there are better options than most of these champions, they are incredibly strong for any account. The remaining champions from the list become way more viable for early-mid game accounts.



There are so many viable Rares in this game, and the vast majority of content boils down to the team you run and how you gear them – rather than needing strong legendary champions to fill your teams.

You don’t need a full legendary roster to be able to clear all content in this game, and these rares definitely prove that.

We are actually covering a series on this at present, where Neva and Phixion are running new accounts using only rare champions to progress through the game – you can find this over on our HH Gaming YouTube channel and check in for weekly updates every Sunday.



  1. [email protected] January 4, 2022 at 12:01 am

    Should Master Butcher for Bommel be added to the list?

  2. [email protected] January 4, 2022 at 12:07 am

    Also is Marquess worth at least additional mentions?

  3. Nathorius January 26, 2022 at 7:43 pm

    Hai, does Marked somewhere still fit in? In your video guide you mention that she’s top 5 rare…

  4. Lord Serker Seuqram September 16, 2022 at 1:42 am

    HI! In My OWN Opinion the Bests Rare Nukers are;
    5_ The Farmable Berserker
    4_ The Farmable Executioner
    3_ Elhain
    2_ Coldheart

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