Published On: August 22, 2023

New Prism Shard Event! Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has launched a new Prism Shard Event, where you’ll be able to gather shards for a specific Summon Pool… Hydra Specialists!

This is a really cool opportunity to bolster your Hydra Clan Boss teams with the recent addition of Hydra Clash, to help your Clan earn more rewards every single week!

Be sure to check out Saphyrra’s deep dive into this Prism Shard Event.

Let’s check out Plariums announcement…

Plarium Announcement:

For a limited time, from 09:00 UTC, Monday, August 21, until 09:00 UTC, Friday, August 25, we’re launching a Hydra Specialist Summon Pool Event!

During this Event, you can summon from a unique pool of Champions. Each Event will have its own unique pool that you can summon from. Champions of the same Rarity have an equal chance of being summoned.

Prism Crystals are required to summon Champions from the Prism Shard. When a Summon Pool Event ends, any remaining Prism Crystals will be used automatically and summoned Champions will be sent to your inbox. If you do not have enough Prism Crystals to summon a Champion at the end of an Event, you will be able to use these remaining Prism Crystals in future Summon Pool Events.

The rewarding period will last for a day, from 09:00 UTC, Friday, August 25, until 09:00 UTC, Saturday, August 26, during which you won’t be able to access Crystals Offers and get Prism Crystals from other sources (like the shop or other Events etc.), but you will be able to summon Champions.

And that’s it! Happy raiding!

Included Champions:

This Hydra Specialists Pool doesn’t consist of any Rare Champions, instead it is only Epic and Legendary Champions, which increases the chances of getting some of these incredibly strong Champions, but also increases the cost from 20 Prism Fragments, to 80!

But all in all, this is a huge upgrade on the last version of Prism Crystals, although it will be harder to get ‘more summons’.

The Champions involved in this specific pool are:




Who are you hoping to get from the Prism Shard Event? Let us know in the comments!

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Patrick Klatzer
Patrick Klatzer
3 months ago

es wundert mich das sie kein Wort erwähnen das der Preis auch um 166% gestiegen ist.zuvor kostete es 30 Kristalle , jetzt 80 Kristalle.

Patrick Klatzer
Patrick Klatzer
3 months ago

I’m surprised that they don’t mention a word that the price has also risen by 166%.previously it cost 30 crystals, now 80 crystals.