Published On: June 15, 2021
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Undead Hordes epics reviewed in two lines or fewer!

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The Zombies of the game aren’t awful. Below is the Undead Hordes epic reviews in two lines or fewer!


Gorgorab: Mid-tier Arena speed lead. He is better than High Katun but not as good as Arbiter.

Seeker: Has turn meter that also brings a single target to provoke. Seeker is used in the many unkillable Clan Boss comps, is great all round and can hit hard.

Catacomb Councilor: He has an ally attack and out of all the ally attack champions in the game, he is the worst.

Dark Athel: Free champion and that’s all I can say about her. She hits ok.

Dark Elhain: Used in top arena teams as an anti-Tormin champion due to her passive. She is one of the hardest hitting epics in the game and can be your nuker in the Arena regardless of whether there is a Tormin or not.

Husk: AOE enemy Max HP champion. Usually underrated and has probably gone up in value for the new dungeon levels.

Karam: He blows up poisons. He is good in Spider and Dragon if you have enough poisons other than that – nope.

Lich: Needs a buff, is an OK support champion.

Hexia: Was meant to be the new Rotos, but it didn’t work out. So move on.

Defiled Sinner: Trash.

Corpse Collector: Does not collect corpses. She has leech and poison debuffs.

Mausoleum Mage: He is the buff machine used to partner Seer to enable her ability. He does have remove all debuffs and turn meter increase as well so can be useful in the Arena.

Zelotah: He is OK. He is all shields and heals.

Vogoth: Awesome epic! An absolute tank for your team. Plenty of protection against nukes and is used in plat arena defences.

Balthus Drauglord: Average champion. Move on.

Anax: Good in Clan Boss. Can be difficult to speed tune due to his passive but none the less great epic.

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