Published On: February 28, 2022

Hellhades’ Ride or Dies: Raid Shadow Legends

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As we all know, one of the greatest things in Raid is collecting a huge roster of top tier Champions, and getting lucky with our shards.

However, is getting all those Champions all that important? Today we’re going to look at Hellhades’ top ‘Ride of Die’ Champions that he uses most in the game, forming a large part of his core teams.

  • Armiger – Used in FK teams, Spider Teams, DT Teams, and recently thriving in Dungeon 21-25s due to his low CD enemy MAX HP damage.
  • Gnarlhorn – People really underestimate Gnarlhorn for his AOE Control capabilities, with a low Cooldown AOE Provoke and self buff unkillable.
  • Apothecary – finds his way into tons of teams, in Doom Tower, Faction Wars, and Dungeons
  • Coldheart – What more do we need to say about this queen of Max HP hits!
  • Renegade – Budget Kymar? No! Renegade is phenomenal and even gains value over Kymar in Fire Knight, she’s not a budget option – she’s top tier!
  • Alure – Queen of Turn meter, singlehandedly controlling any single enemy with her A1, although she requires a lot of stats for optimal use, she is unbelievably good.
  • Royal Guard – Used to rule the roost on Spider 20, these days he’s seen mostly used for wave content and Fire Knight 25 since the introduction of Stage 21-25 Dungeons, also has some great uses in Hydra Clan Boss!
  • Geomancer – Geomancer is an absolute gamechanger who can slot into nearly every team, he’s the first person Hellhades looks for when doing account takeovers for most areas of the game.
  • Seer – Nothing more needs to be said about the beauty that is Seer, goodbye long dungeon runs! Seer is a huge quality of life benefit for anybody who has her, as she will tear through waves with ease if geared correctly.
  • Skullcrown – Skullcrown really fits into a lot of places, due to her AOE A1 she can be fantastic for a stunset for Faction Wars, and even early dungeon progression. But mostly, Arena, due to her speed Aura she’s an amazing pre-arbiter option, and even after that is a great nuker and champion pick for a blender team.
  • Madame Serris – The stripper queen! She’s still the go-to arena option for removing enemy buffs, constantly used.
  • Ghostborn – The ONLY Irresistible AOE Defence break in the entire game, making your runs guaranteed 100% chance to succeed as long as tuned properly!
  • Martyr – During progression of the game, just like Valk, both Counter Attack Champions here provide tons of utility for teams, along with the added bonus of Martyr’s AOE provoke she’s a great Champion.
  • Valkyrie – Valkyrie is a phenomenal Clan Boss and Arena Champion, part of tons of very solid teams, she’s a real gamechanger for those who pull her early and will always see use!
  • Duchess Lilitu – Any content where you’re struggling – insert Duchess here, take the troubles away! As much as she doesn’t speed up runs, she certainly makes them easier due to the survival boost she brings to your team. The same goes for her viability in Arena – I’m sure we’ve all met a Duchess in arena defence before!
  • Kalvalax – Kalvalax is a top tier legendary due to the damage he can bring, he also pairs incredibly well with poison explosion champions for speedrunning Dragon and Ice Golem 25. All-round solid, plus was designed by a player which is cool!
  • Prince Kymar – The elusive Prince Kymar is arguably the best legendary in the entire game, or if not – top 3. He enabled Superspeed clears with a combination of either Seer or poison explosions and his reset a3. He is also very commonly used in top-end arena, and all throughout arena due to his ability to Speed the entire team, while removing their buffs – resetting your Cooldowns AND bringing a 30% Speed Aura at the same time!
  • Rotos the Lost Groom – In and out of the Arena meta, but also great for soloing content, such as Scarab and Griffin in the Doom Tower.
  • Scyl of the Drakes – Insanely strong progression and control Champion, staple in tons of teams and most all, everyone gets her!
  • Underpriest Brogni – Brogni was a fusion Champion in 2021, he’s an MVP in Clan Boss, but can play everywhere. He is one of the best legendaries in the entire game!
  • Ninja – Given to everyone for free during the Ninja Promotional Event, Ninja is a complete boss killer, his A2 will do HUGE chunks of damage to the boss even without damage stats!
  • Bad-el-Kazar – Bad-el has been a fundamental part of many many teams over the years, he’s had a place in nearly all areas of the game and continues to provide huge benefits to those who have him, especially with his ability to solo Dragon 25!
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin – Another FREE Champion! Drexthar is the king of Doom Tower, with his passive ability to land HP burn when he’s hit! Building him tanky with high accuracy will see him land a spot in a ton of your Doom Tower Boss teams.
  • Warlord – Warlord is absolutely insane, he’s previously had a place in Clan Boss due to his a1 extending debuffs, but he is now a god of arena, locking out the enemy team completely. However provides huge value in other areas, especially Doom Tower with his control and support from his A2.
  • Ithos – Mostly used as campaign farmer, and whenever AOE damage is needed, in less teams than before but a solid arena nuker none the less.
  • Arbiter – Staple in arena, and lots of progression areas, free for everyone from missions although a large commitment, it will come eventually.
  • Lydia the Deathsiren – Used literally everywhere! Awesome debuffer for Seer comps, Clan Boss, Arena, she is ridiculous everywhere. Earned by completing Faction Wars which takes a while, but is doable for everyone over time.
  • Urost the Soulcage – Simply used for Soloing Scarab King, but also a great Ally protection Champion.
  • Siphi the Lost Bride – She’s amazing everywhere, mostly arena-based but can be HUGELY beneficial in any progression and/or Doom Tower.
  • Trunda Giltmallet– Absolutely nutty, best nuker in arena and insane damage on Hydra when hitting an exposed head!
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