Published On: June 13, 2023
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The Best Free Legendary Log in Champion


Raid’s Best Free Legendary has been decided!! Raid has log-in champions for playing the game and logging in every day, and in the log-in rewards you can receive Legendary champions that will drastically change your accounts as you’ll see below! Do not sleep on these Log-in Champions, even the epics because they all have uses and they may change your account for the better!

Now this list may include champions that were obtainable from past 7-day log-in rewards but nonetheless, players will have obtained them for free and if they aren’t on your account then skip through and see which ones are obtainable for you!




Deliana is often underestimated, She was rewarded to players as a 7-day Log-in champion. She is incredibly valued in Hydra teams, primarily due to her ability to apply AOE Block Buffs. This makes her an excellent choice for countering the Head of Mischief‘s buff-stealing tendencies and managing the Poison Cloud from the Head of Blight.

During the early and mid-game stages, Deliana was impactful as a Campaign farmer. Her leech ability allowed her to sustain herself without relying on lifesteal artifacts. Additionally, she heals allies for 5% of their maximum HP whenever a block buff is placed.

If your Faction Wars team is lacking, Deliana can be equipped with a Stun Set, enabling her to crowd-control enemies with her AOE A1 skill, which also sees great value in general dungeon progression.




Ninja was the first champion to be featured in a promotional campaign by Raid, where they partnered with a popular streamer to advertise the game. As a result, Ninja became overpowered and was(and still is) featured in teams across all areas of the game!

His A2 skill is the main reason behind his OP status. This skill randomly attacks and applies an HP Burn debuff. Against bosses, it triggers the HP Burn instantly, inflicting massive damage on them. Ninja shines in Clan Boss battles and the Hydra but requires careful Speed Tuning to maximize his effectiveness.

Another valuable aspect of Ninja is his AOE Freeze ability. While Freeze reduces damage, it can still be strategically placed to prevent enemies from attacking and provide crowd control.

However, what truly made Ninja unique is his Passive skill. It allows him to progressively increase his Attack and Critical Damage stats, up to 100% and 25% respectively. The growth rate varies for champions and bosses, but once Ninja has used each of his abilities five times on a boss, he becomes fully stacked for the remainder of the fight. This unique mechanic enables players to build Ninja defensively while achieving incredible damage output.

He is a vital member of some of the best unkillable Clan Boss teams in the game due to his ability to unleash devastating damage, as well as forming one half of the most popular team for Sand Devil’s Necropolis 24!




Ronda, a renowned streamer/Olympic Medalist, joined Teleria as a free Log-in reward.

Based on the MMA fighter and WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey, she brings her unique persona to the game.

It’s important to note that Ronda doesn’t possess crucial debuffs like Decrease Defense or Attack. Instead, her sole focus is on dealing damage to enemies. Her A2 skill includes irresistible Block Active and Block Passive effects, making her a valuable counter against Ultimate Deathknight. In fact, she is essential in defeating him in the early game arena where there amount of UDKs is very high due to him being a free champion for everyone.

Ronda’s Passive skill significantly boosts the overall damage output of your team. She truly excels in battles against the Fire Knight, who happens to be her arch-nemesis!


Aleksandr the Sharpshooter

aleksandr splash art

Aleksandr the Sharpshooter was introduced as a free Log-in Champion as part of a promotion with CSGO professional player S1MPLE. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a disappointment for most players and is likely considered the weakest champion on this list, offering little value in mid-to-late game content. However, his presence did attract fans of S1MPLE to the game. Currently, Aleksandr’s performance is not much better than that of Warmaiden.

Aleksandr operates as a typical high-damage dealer. His abilities consist of two single-target attacks on his A1 and A3, along with an AOE Decrease Defense skill on his A2.

In terms of his kit, Aleksandr possesses fairly average skills. His A1 has a chance to freeze enemies, while his A3 can remove buffs from a single target. The A2 ability, which delivers a powerful AOE Decrease Defense effect, can be particularly beneficial for newer players.

With an accuracy aura that aids in all battles, Aleksandr proves helpful in early dungeons and the Doom Tower. He remains a reliable champion for dungeon runs, excels in wave-focused encounters such as the Doom Tower, and can be effective in setting up damage in the arena. He also holds his ground decently in Faction Wars.

While his damage multipliers are decent, Aleksandr is best suited for newer accounts. However, lacking flashy passive abilities or exceptionally hard-hitting skills, he will be outpaced by stronger champions as the game progresses. If I were to recommend using skill books, I would suggest saving them after booking his A2 skill – however, our better recommendation would be to pick up a Warmaiden and save the legendary books for more valuable champions!


Scyl of the Drakes

Scyl of the Drakes

Scyl of the Drakes is a champion accessible to everyone, even now, by logging in for 180 days and obtaining her for free.

She is a true game-changer, significantly easing your gameplay experience by offering an array of benefits, especially for mid-to-end game accounts. Her utility is so remarkable that she continues to be utilized in most late-game accounts.

Scyl is an absolutely fantastic champion who seamlessly fits into multiple teams thanks to her versatile skill set. She brings valuable utility, including AOE stuns, passive heals, enemy speed reduction, and even the ability to revive fallen allies single-handedly. Her strengths shine brightest in Dungeons and Faction Wars, but she can excel in any game mode. For many players, Scyl represents a significant leap forward for their accounts.

Personally, we highly recommend equipping Scyl with Relentless gear to maximize her potential by allowing her to cycle through her abilities as quickly as possible. However, it is crucial to ensure that Scyl has sufficient accuracy, speed, and defence to truly showcase her capabilities.

Overall, Scyl of the Drakes is a champion that offers exceptional value and versatility. Obtaining her through the 180-day log-in reward is a significant milestone, and she has the potential to greatly enhance your gameplay experience across various aspects of the game.


Visix the Unbowed

Visix the Unbowed

Visix the Unbowed was widely regarded as a lacklustre void legendary champion, particularly as she was initially received as a Login Reward. However, Visix underwent significant buffs that transformed her into a remarkably potent carry for many areas of the game.

With her focus on speed and turn meter control, Visix dominates enemies with an AoE Decrease Speed skill on a three-turn cooldown when fully booked. This ability proves invaluable for tackling high-end content like the Hydra or conquering the Doom Tower. Additionally, her A1 skill stands as one of the strongest Turn Meter control abilities in the entire game.

In addition to manipulating enemy turn meters, Visix possesses the ability to provoke multiple targets with her AoE Provoke skill. This makes her exceptionally valuable, particularly in battles against the Hydra, especially after the recent change to the Head of Decay.

Furthermore, Visix provides crucial support to her team by granting a two-turn Ally Protection on a three-turn cooldown. This skill proves exceptionally powerful in Clan Boss encounters, especially for players who have yet to acquire more elusive champions with Unkillable or Block Damage mechanics.

Overall, Visix the Unbowed’s buffs have elevated her from a disappointing champion to a force to be reckoned with.


Guurda Bogbrew

Guurda Bogbrew

Many players face a dilemma when acquiring Guurda in the game since it becomes challenging to justify altering their existing compositions just to accommodate her. However, Guurda brings a unique skill set that revolves around manipulating Turn Meter and excelling as a versatile poisoner.

One of her standout abilities is Hemlock Surprise (A3), where she not only strips a random buff from enemies but also removes two random debuffs from allies. Additionally, she inflicts two 5% Poison debuffs on all enemies. This skill synergizes exceptionally well with Poison Explosion teams, allowing Guurda to practically solo the Dragon or Ice Golem while equipped with regeneration gear. In the Arena, she can serve as a valuable ally for cleansing your team.

Guurda’s passive skill can hold significant value if utilized strategically. It grants a 3% Turn Meter reduction to enemies whenever they receive any debuffs. This ability not only exhibits an interesting synergy with champions like Kalvalax and Nobel for crowd control in the Arena but can also be universally applied to control encounters, such as the Fire Knight, when utilizing teams with multiple debuffs.

The Rotlimb Decoction (A2) possesses unique mechanics. It offers a 100% chance to apply a 25% Weaken debuff, but if the weaken is not successfully placed after attacking, Guurda will instead inflict two non-resistible poisons. While most players tend to focus on utilizing the weaken effect, there exists a niche scenario where a high-star Lethal Dose blessing could create an intriguing synergy in the Arena, particularly against high-resistance targets.




Cleopterix becomes a late addition to your roster as a free Legendary champion obtainable after logging in for 350 days. However, considering the time it takes to acquire her, there’s a chance that by that point, your account will already have a sufficient number of champions, potentially rendering her less beneficial.

Nonetheless, Cleopterix fills a much-needed role within the Skinwalkers Faction as a Legendary champion. On paper, her abilities appear remarkably strong, offering two regular AoE attacks, an AoE Block Active Skill debuff, and the capability to apply Hex to all champions. This enables hard-hitting champions like Ruel the Huntmaster and Thea the Tomb Angel to deal devastating blows. Additionally, her passive ability is unique, allowing her to counter-attack regularly when losing HP or if two or more allies have fallen. Her A1 skill can apply Weaken to the enemy and a Perfect Veil to Cleopterix if it successfully kills the target..

Despite her late arrival, Cleopterix brings valuable utility and synergy to the Skinwalkers Faction. Her kit, with its combination of AoE attacks, debuffs, and supportive passives, offers strategic possibilities in various game modes. However, it’s important to assess whether she will truly enhance your roster considering the number of champions already at your disposal.



arix spash artwork

Arix makes his haunting entrance into Teleria as the Login Reward Champion you obtain after Lady Eresh. This means that unless you happen to pull Arix from an Ancient Shard (as Arix cannot be obtained from Sacred Shards), you will need to play for just over 2 years before adding Arix to your collection.

Arix can be effectively utilized as a protector for your team, thanks to his control abilities and self-sustaining healing provided by his passive skill. If you opt for this playstyle, we recommend equipping the Harvest Despair mastery to enable Leech, which can assist in team healing during non-boss content. In Arena Defense, you can set up Arix to be a nuisance by utilizing Counter-Attack and attempting to remove buffs with his A1 skill.

Both Arix’s A1 and A2 skills target all enemies, making him an ideal candidate for a Stun Set or Taunting Set, particularly with his A2 skill having its own chance to apply Stun (although not guaranteed). Arix also grants Ally Protection to all allies except himself, while also bestowing a Counter-Attack buff upon himself.


Ultimate Deathknight

Ultimate Deathknight made his debut in Raid Shadow Legends as a free Legendary champion in August 2022, following an extensive marketing campaign showcasing the original Deathknight‘s ambitious journey to greatness.

With a solid kit, Ultimate Deathknight proves to be a valuable asset for players progressing through Dungeons, His AOE Decrease Attack ability carries significant power in the dungeons, while his team shield mechanic aids in sustaining the team. These abilities also find utility in early Clan Boss and Hydra Clan Boss encounters.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ultimate Deathknight’s kit is his passive skill, which blocks single-target damage and redirects it to himself. This ability proves particularly effective against spiderlings, ensuring that damage is consistently directed at a tank.

In the Arena, this passive can be put to good use against single-target hitters like Rotos or Mountain King. This makes UDK a very favourable choice in both top-end Classic Arena and Live Arena!

Ultimate Deathknight finds specific use in the Doom Tower against the Magma Dragon where he can provoke and protect the main target from damage, as well as against the Scarab Boss where his shield aids in overcoming counter-attacks!



Artak Splash Artwork

With his blazing axe in hand, this formidable Orc embarks on a mission to annihilate the Hydra from existence! Artak arrives in Teleria to commemorate the release of Call Of The Arbiter, and as the newest 7-day login reward champion, he can be obtained for free!

The prospect of acquiring a free Legendary champion is always highly coveted by players, and Artak may well be the most potent one since the introduction of Ninja. All of his abilities are AOE based, with a primary focus on burning his enemies while mitigating damage through a Decrease Attack debuff.

Properly cycling his skills is crucial to maximizing his potential. Initiating with Purifyre (A3), which strikes all enemies twice and has a chance to apply a 2-turn HP Burn debuff, is essential. It’s important to keep this debuff active since it can be extended by 1 turn using Chaos Razor (A1), and all burns can be instantly detonated with Dogs Of War (A2). This synergy opens up opportunities to inflict substantial damage over the course of a battle, making Artak particularly effective against enemies such as the Spider’s Den, Ice Golem, Hydra Clan Boss, and Frost Spider.

Artak possesses a unique passive called Burning Blood, which enhances his damage, Defense, Speed, and Resistance at the expense of his maximum HP. Whenever an HP Burn debuff is triggered, his Max HP is reduced by 5%, accumulating up to 50% (his stats increase by 1% for every 1% lost). Consequently, utilizing his A3 to gain restoration heals becomes crucial for his survival (or having allies who can restore HP for him).


What do you think of the Free Legendary’s that Raid give us? Do they change your account? Check out the full video here

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11 months ago

How on earth could you forget UDK???

My order:
1) Ninja (wish I had him)
2) Scyl
3) Ronda

Bart Mauldin
Bart Mauldin
11 months ago

The best is Lydia…By far

11 months ago
Reply to  Bart Mauldin

What About MIthrala?