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Published On: September 18, 2023
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Prism Shards, Souls & More! So Many Events!


Plarium has released a whole host of events that will be taking place this week, which feature some incredibly valuable rewards, including Prism Shards, a Training Event where the winner gets a 4 Star Mighty Ukko Perfect Soul, and events that feature Primal Shards!

Let’s take a look at each of the events!


Primal Shard Summons:

There wasn’t any warning ahead of this one, but Plarium have released a new Prism Shard Event featuring the following Champions:



Summoning Chances:

Prism Shard rates will vary each time an event comes out, and this time it is a 96% Chance to get one of the Epic Champions, and a 4% Chance of getting one of the Legendary Champions.

Of course, due to the limited options in the Summoning Pool, it is a great opportunity to pick up a Champion that you’re after.

Mighty Ukko Training Event:

We’re celebrating the start of Oktoberfest with a specially themed Event and Tournament for you to earn awesome prizes.

For a limited time, from 10:30 UTC, Monday, September 18, to 10:30 UTC, Friday, September 22, we’re launching a Champion Training Tournament where you will be able to get a Perfect Soul for the Legendary Skinwalkers Champion, Mighty Ukko!

All you need to do is develop your Champions in any of the following ways:

  • Upgrade Level
  • Upgrade Ranks
  • Ascending
  • Upgrading Skills

Finish in one of the top positions on your Tournament Leaderboard to get your hands on a Perfect Soul. The higher you finish, the better the Soul. The rank of your soul you’ll receive for finishing 1st on the leaderboard depends on your level:

  • Level 1-30 – 2* Perfect Soul
  • Levels 31-40 – 2* Perfect Soul
  • Levels 41-50 – 3* Perfect Soul
  • Level 51+ – 4* Perfect Soul

It is also worth noting that the Milestone Rewards of this Tournament feature a Legendary Book, and 30x Prism Crystals.

Oktoberfest Dungeon Divers:

Lastly we have a special Dungeon Divers Event, that will feature special rewards, you may only earn 500 Points per day for this event however, so you’ll have to keep on top of this over multiple days.

For a limited time, from 11:30 UTC, Monday, September 18, to 11:30 UTC, Friday, September 22 we’re launching the Oktoberfest Dungeon Divers Event. Earn points by raiding for Artifacts and Accessories and win special rewards! Note that you can earn up to 500 points per day.

Grab yourself an XP Brew, celebrate Oktoberfest, and make the most of this awesome opportunity to get awesome rewards whilst making Champions stronger!

Good luck, and Happy Oktoberfest!

Will you be going for any of these events, and who would you like from Prism Shards? Let us know below!

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Antonio Manocchio
Antonio Manocchio
10 months ago

Te lo puoi solo sognare un leggendario!!!