Published On: July 6, 2023
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RAID Patch 7.30 Notes – July 2023


New Boss, Accessory Ascension, new Faction Crypt, and more!

We are adding a brand new Dungeon, Accessory Ascension, and the Sylvan Watcher Faction Crypt, as well as rebalancing the Polymorph Blessing and the [Stone Skin] buff, alongside other updates and fixes. Let’s dive into everything coming to Raid with version 7.30.0:

Accessory Ascension & the Phatnom Shogun’s Grove

Accessory Ascension unlocks at Level 38 and works exactly like Artifact Ascension. When an Accessory is Ascended for the first time, it gets an Ascension Bonus – an extra stat that can be upgraded further with every Level of Ascension. The Ascension Bonus cannot be removed or changed, and will remain the same even after an Accessory is reworked.

To Ascend an Accessory, it must be at least Rank 4 and upgraded to Level 12.

To Ascend Accessories, you will need a new resource: Extract. The primary way of earning Extract is by raiding the new Dungeon – the Phantom Shogun’s Grove.

The Phantom Shogun’s Grove is where you’ll fight a tough new boss, Akumori the Phantom Shogun. His skills are centered on incapacitating your team through the use of the powerful [Enfeeble] debuff, which makes his enemies only land Weak Hits, unless otherwise specified by their individual skills.

In this Dungeon, you can also earn Silver, Ancient Shards, and XP.

You can find out more information about Accessory Ascension and Akumori the Phantom Shogun by checking out the in-game Guides. Once inside the Accessory Ascension menu, just hit the “i” icon. For a full breakdown of Akumori’s skills, hit the “Boss Guide” button in the Team Selection menu inside the Phantom Shogun’s Grove.

We have also updated the Advanced Quest for Ascending Artifacts. Ascending Accessories will now also count.

Sylvan Watcher Crypt

We are adding a new Crypt to Faction Wars for the Sylvan Watchers. The new Crypt will appear after the current Faction Wars cycle ends.

The reward for earning 882 Stars – Lydia the Deathsiren – has been moved to the 945th Star. If you have already unlocked Lydia but haven’t claimed her yet, she will be automatically added to your Champion Collection. If the Collection is full, she will be moved to the Inbox.

A special Clan Quest for clearing Stage 20+ of the Sylvan Watchers Crypt 3 times will be added in the future. As for the CvC Tournament Objectives, beating the new Crypt will count towards them starting from the next CvC Tournament.

Champion Filter

We have added a Champion Filter to the Collection and Team Selection interface. It will allow you to easily find the Champions you want by indicating specific parameters, such as the name (or a part of it), Faction, Rank, Rarity, buffs and debuffs, and many more.

Polymorph Blessing Rebalance

Now the [Sheep] debuffs placed by the Polymorph Blessing can be resisted, except the ones placed by the Level 6 Polymorph Blessing.

In addition, Yumeko’s Destiny’s Mirror skill now has a chance of transferring [Sheep] debuffs to a random enemy under a [Hex] debuff placed by Yumeko. Also, the Deflection Artifact Set can now reflect [Sheep] debuffs.

Stone Skin buff rebalance

The [Stone Skin] buff no longer removes [HP Burn] debuffs from the recipient. It doesn’t make the recipient immune to [HP Burn] debuffs or decrease damage from them either. Instead, [HP Burn] debuffs now deal quintuple damage while the [Stone Skin] buff is active.

Also, if a Champion is under a [Stone Skin] buff, [HP Burn] debuffs damage them for 15% of their MAX HP, and damage their allies for 3% of their MAX HP. If there are 2 or more Champions under a [Stone Skin] buff, [HP Burn] debuffs deal damage for 15% of the MAX HP to all Champions under a [Stone Skin] buff, and 3% of the MAX HP to any allies not under a [Stone Skin] buff.

Sand Devil’s Necropolis reward rebalance

Clearing Stages 11-25 of the Sand Devil’s Necropolis now has a chance to reward you with more Lesser Oils.

Blessing Change count reset

We have reset the Blessings change count on all Champions for all players. The next Blessings change will be free for all your Champions – as though you haven’t changed Blessings on them before. Any subsequent changes will cost Gems, as usual.

Champion Lore

This update adds another batch of Champion stories to the game, including Keeyra the Watcher, Altan, and Lord Shazar, with more coming in future updates. If your favourite isn’t here, stay tuned, they may arrive in the future!

The whole list of Champion stories added:

New Resource – Prism Crystals

Prism Crystals are a new type of resource available in the Summoning Portal. They are used to summon select Champions during special in-game events. More details about these events will be available in the future.

Other Improvements and Battle Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Ultimate Deathknight to receive damage from extra hits placed on his allies by Quintus the Triumphant’s Encore Performance skill and Candraphon’s Punish Hubris skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Taurus to kill himself after using his Toxic Nova skill when Lonatharil was on the same team and equipped with the Bolster Artifact Set.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Turn Limit Reached’ message to not appear in battles with the Iron Twins.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused Artak’s HP bar to display incorrectly after his HP was destroyed by his Burning Blood [P] skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Artak’s Burning Blood [P] skill to not destroy his MAX HP while under a Shield buff.
  • Fixed a visual bug that incorrectly displayed the amount of damage dealt to a Champion under Stone Skin or Shield buffs, if the damage was larger than the value of the buff.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tormin the Cold to place a [Freeze] debuff with their Wintry Wind [P] skill whenever a [Shield] buff was placed by Ronda’s In Your Corner [P] skill.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused ‘Ignore DEF’ text to appear above Champions whenever an [HP Burn] debuff placed by Drexthar Bloodtwin’s Eldritch Flames skill was activated on them.
  • Fixed a visual bug in Tag Team Arena that caused the skill icons of a Champion from the previous battle to be displayed in the next battle, if a player skips the previous battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to purchase a new Raid Card when trying to change their current Raid Cards.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Reddit button in the Code Chase window to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused no animation to play when getting a Chest in the Deck of Fate Event after flipping over 3 Cards of the same color in a row.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused a Champion’s Rank to display incorrectly in the Ratings tab.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Level and Stats of Artifacts being upgraded while in the Fitting Room to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an audio bug that caused no sound to play when taking off an Artifact or Accessory in the Fitting Room.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the starter Champions’ Rank to display incorrectly when choosing one.
  • Now, if one of the opponents leaves a Live Arena battle after both opponents have already picked their teams and entered the battle, then the teams they picked will be displayed in the Battle Log tab.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong number of total turns to be displayed in the battle result window.
  • The Ignore DEF Area Bonus is now applied to Masteries and Blessings.

What do you think of RAID Patch 7.30? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

Super pumped about this patch! More oil rewards for Sand Devils is HUGE!!! Looking forward to tackling the new dungeon as well! I don’t say it often but Good job Plarium!