Top 3 Void Legendries, Epics and Rares in each area of the game

Published On: February 12, 2021

Top 3 Void Legendaries, Epics and Rares in each area of the game


Clan boss:


Krisk – Krisk is a part of the world record team for doing the most damage in 1 key to the ultra-nightmare clan boss. His kit aids in clan boss because of his increase in defence, speed and ally protect. All buffs are essential in hitting those high numbers onto the clan boss.

Siphi – Her kit is crazy when you look at it. She increases speed and defence and can block debuffs and Increase attack and crit. All these debuffs are good for getting those high numbers in the clan boss and she helps her team very well with the buffs giving them increased stats.

Warlord – Warlord provides lots of utility which will help when running him in the clan boss such as; debuff extended for all those poisons. He can block debuffs so that stun is non-existent. He has a shield in his kit which takes extra damage from the clan boss hit and he can lower cooldowns for your team.


Maneater – He is the key to most unkillable comps. He is an overall top tier void epic.

Rugnor Goldgleam – He is a new champ who has the potential to dish out the damage for your team. His kit includes a leech, shield, increase attack, decrease defence and a weaken.

Peydma – Her kit is very strong for clan boss as she has decrease attack, can remove buffs and has good base speed and defence. She is a support champ as she can remove the stun and her decrease attack just means you can survive more rounds.


Pain Keeper – She is a fantastic rare champion for clan boss. Pain Keeper has to ability to reduce the cooldown of your skills allowing unkillable setups to work in tune.

Bulwark – Bulwark has a debuff extender, a hp burn, an increased defence in all battles aura and a weaken debuff.  His kit overall is very strong and the debuff extender is very good for the poisons your allies will place onto the clan boss.

Reliquary Tender – She is strong in the clan boss as she heals and revives. She is a support champion who can cleanse your allies from the stun and she can place a decrease attack on the clan boss which will be particularly useful.


Spider Dungeon:


Sir Nicholas – Sir Nic has crazy damage in his kit and if he’s built right. His AoE applies massive shields to your team. He can also apply unkillable and has a continuous heal which doesn’t hurt when in a dungeon.

Venus – She has a very good kit in general but for the spider, she comes with aoe weaken, aoe decrease defence, hp burn and poison.

Tormin – He has an aoe provoke for the spiderlings. He also has a chance to freeze which when partnered up with HP burn becomes a great combination for taking down the spider.


Psylar – She has a good kit for the spider. It includes: decrease speed, Turn meter control and decrease accuracy. Decrease accuracy is so good for the spiderlings because it lowers the chance for them to land the poisons. Turn meter control is great for the main spider so that she doesn’t eat the spiderlings heal.

Rugnor Goldgleam – has the potential to dish out the damage for your team. His kit includes a leech, shield, increase attack, decrease defence and a weaken. His kit works well in most comps as the leech is strong and the shield just adds the protection. The decrease in defence is essential to allow your nukers to deal that added damage.

Maneater – For Maneater to do well you need to focus the main spider before pressing auto, however, he can still bring utility to your team.


Coldheart – Her a3 the Heartseeker ability is top tier. Heartseeker is a MAX HP damage type so chunks the spider out and has reduces a huge amount of turn meter.

Paragon – The MVP of Spider progression. You can build him at level 30 with very little gear to become your main spiderling tank. This method only works if you manual the spider but can help you get past those roadblock stages.

Dagger – She has an aoe decrease defence, decrease turn meter and decrease attack.


The Dragon:


Ithos – He is great for clearing the waves due to his massive aoe hits which crit and triple hit. Therefore he is one of the fastest for clearing the waves.

Venus – Her poison is massive HP bar of the dragon. The rest of her kit is also very helpful in clearing the dungeon.

Krisk – He has aoe abilities for the waves so it will help to get them down quickly. He also has his decrease in defence and shield which will make your dragon fight much easier.


Seer – Her wave clear is immense as she blows the mobs away by clearing all the buffs off.

Skytouched Shaman – She has decrease speed, cleanse, revive on death, block debuffs and a passive heal. This kit is amazing for dragon and will buff your team if she’s on it.

Skullcrown – She will be used to ace through the waves because her aoe attacks do so much damage when built right. She also has an unkillable passive which helps just in case she goes down.


Bellower – he is very good for the waves with his aoe attacks and he provides the block cooldown ability for the waves. Decrease attack and defence will also defiantly help with the waves and the boss because it allows other people to increase their damage as well as his own. Bellower in a stun set can help you get through some of the rougher waves as all of his attacks are aoe.

Coldheart – Again shes in the top 3 for boss battles. Her Heartseeker ability is just unmatched with the turn meter control and nuke all in 1 ability.

Renegade – she works well with champs such as Coldheart because Renegade resets the ability of your leader and if Coldheart is your leader then double heartseeker will finish the boss quickly.


Ice Golem:


Ithos – He is amazing for the waves as he boosts your farming time due to his damage.

Krisk – He has aoe abilities for the waves so it will help to get them down quickly. He also has his decrease defence and shield which will block the massive aoe damage from the Ice Golem.

Nekhret The Great – his kit consists of decrease attack, ally attack, ally protect and a shield. In the ice Golem, it’s all about protecting your damage and his kit does that well with the shield and ally protect.


Seer – Her wave clear is immense as she blows the mobs away.

Psylar – The decrease accuracy and Turn meter control just allow you to do well in the end boss because it will reduce the freeze ability from the boss.

Umbral Enchantress – She made the list because when you fight stage 20 Ice Golem you need someone to deal with wave 2 because they place reflect damage and when your nuke goes in with their massive attack they kill themselves. Umbral provides block buffs and provokes which stop the wave 2 placing the reflect damage.


Reliquary tender – The revive will come in clutch if one of your team drops. She also provides heals to clutch you to the WIN.

Dilgol – he provides a decrease defence, aoe decrease accuracy and a decrease speed. The accuracy debuff will help so the boss doesn’t land freeze as often.

Kurzad Deepheart – He increases accuracy and will decrease defence on the boss allowing you to hit harder. The turn meter fill also helps your team get round to the better abilities quicker.


Fire Knight:


Angar – He has a team reflect damage which counts to 5 attacks on the shield. He also has a double hit a1 to reduce the shield quickly.

Venus  – as previously stated her kit is exceptional.

Cruetraxa – She has a 4 hit a1 which makes massive plays against the Fire Knight.


Seer– Great for wave clear to get the boss.

Tuhak the Wanderer – He has a double hit a1, a decrease speed and he can steal turn meter. All this combines to a great Fire Knight champion. The turn meter steal comes in clutch so the Fire Knight doesn’t get the shield reset and doesn’t get the heal after it attacks.

Lightsworn – He has a triple hit a1, a decrease speed and attack debuff, he also has an increase defence buff and a revive in case an ally goes down.


Coldheart– Again shes in the top 3 for dungeon bosses. Her Heartseeker ability is just unmatched with the turn meter control and nuke all in 1 ability.

FellHound – The reflect damage is so big as it breaks 5 shield points. He also has a heal and a block damage buff in his kit which can come in useful in case you have a weaker team.

Dilgol – The decrease defence, speed and accuracy debuffs mean the FireKnight will do less damage and not hit the debuffs as often.


Campaign Farmer:


Ithos – Aoe damage is massive.

Sir Nicholas – He does massive damage but is not the quickest.

Krisk – Again he’s not the quickest but he does big aoe abilities so eventually will take down the waves.


Skullcrown – Her aoe damage is immense

Tuhak – He has aoe damage and has turn meter boost so he will get around to his abilities quickly.

Psylar – She’s not great but will do a job with her aoe abilities.


Bellower – Best aoe rare with the lock ability in his kit. A build to follow can be found here.




Arbiter – She has the speed-boosting ability and revives so she is in 99% of end game teams.

Siphi – again she’s very well picked in the late game arena teams due to the skillset she has to completely dominate the battle.

Hegemon – Always going first defiantly gives you the advantage in the arena but to make matters worse he has a block ability in his kit so he can lock out your team for 2 turns which can give your the edge.

Tormin – His annoying freezes make facing a Tormin a very unpleasant experience.

Raglin – Defence champion who can revive and cleanse debuffs. This comes in very handy in the late game in case you get wiped.


Madame Serris – She can decrease defence, attack, have a shield, she can fear enemies and steal buffs. What in that kit doesn’t make her good for the arena? She is top tier.

Skullcrown – Her aoe damage is immense along with a passive unkillable when she receives a fatal blow can make her an asset in arena.

Pyslar – Turn meter control for your team is very important.

Basher – He can lockout enemies from the game so you should be able to do the damage before they get the abilities back.


Paragon – Unkillable and decrease attack make it very annoying to face the paragons in the arena.

Bellower – based on his immense aoe damage he makes the list.

Kuzard Deepheart – He does big damage and buffs the team’s accuracy so that helps land the decrease defence.



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    Allure for FK is all you need to TM controll . she can do it by herself

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