How to get Legendary Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: August 20, 2022

How to get Legendary Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends


There are five types of a champion rarity in Raid: Shadow Legends: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Naturally, legendary champions are considered the strongest in the game, however, some Epic, Rare and Uncommon champions can be as good as their Legendary comparables.


So how do you get epic and legendary champions?

The *quickest* way to obtain epic and legendary champions is by opening shards, the only type of shards which guarantee only Epic and Legendary champions are Sacred Shards. You can collect shards as free rewards for doing certain content or buy them in the shop. Each type of shard holds different summoning odds for each different champion rarity. Every Champion of the same rarity has an equal chance of being summoned, except when Targeted Champion Boosts are active. For example, an Ancient Shard has an 8% chance of summoning an Epic Champion and a 0.5% chance of summoning a  Legendary one. A Sacred Shard has a 94% chance of summoning an Epic Champion and a 6% chance of summoning a Legendary one.

However, there are a few other ways to obtain epic and legendary champions aside from Shards.


Daily Login Rewards


Completing missions

After completing the first set of Progress Missions, the player receives the legendary champion Arbiter as a reward. This isn’t a quick journey but gives the player the necessary experience to be able to play end-game content well by the time they earn Arbiter.

After you’ve earned Arbiter, you unlock another set of Progress Missions, where you’ll be able to work towards earning Void Legendary, Ramantu Drakesblood – warning, this is no easy feat and will take you a lot of time and resources – START SAVING YOUR GLYPHS!!



There are two types of Champion Fusions in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Temporary – occurs at different intervals and is announced by the Plarium (and covered extensively by us) – You can expect this once every calendar month – These come in the form of traditional fusions or fragment collectors, where you’ll have to complete events to earn either Champions towards the Fusion or Fragments towards the end-goal legendary.

Permanent – These are always available to the player in the Portal, in the Fusion tab, here you can obtain Epic champions such as Relickeeper and Broadmaw along with the legendary champion Rhazin Scarhide

It should be noted here that with both permanent and temporary fusions if you do not have enough time or resources to get the main fusion champion, you can get intermediate epics along the way, which may be able to help your account progress along nicely.


Fragment Summon

Fragments allow you to summon specific champions after collecting the required amount of fragments to summon them. Outside of Event-based fragments, you can collect fragments for specific Champions, the Champions you can gather are as follows:


Are there any other ways to get legendary champions?

We’ve already covered the various guaranteed Legendary champions, collected through gameplay:

So are there any other ways to boost your chances of a guaranteed legendary?


Collecting shards and opening during events

Raid: Shadow Legends frequently feature x2 events, every second week on a rotating cycle. During these events the chances of summoning Epic and Legendary champions are doubled from specific shards. x2 events are the best time to pull shards if you are hoping for Epic or Legendary champions so it is best to save any shards you do receive for these events.

If you are hoping to summon a specific legendary champion- Yumeko, Rotos and Hegemon I’m looking at you- then waiting for a x10 event on that Champion may be your best option. A few things to note, all other odds on shards stay the same, there are only increased odds on the specific champion (or champions) mentioned, and the x10 odds may not be all you’re expecting them to be and often end in heartbreak.

x2 and x10 events usually take place on weekends, with the occasional mid-week event during Clan vs Clan events.



Rarely, you will be awarded an Epic or Legendary champion for completing a tournament, these usually come as first place rewards for brackets, and top place in the global leaderboard and are usually Champion Training Events, so only 1% of the player base can acquire them this way due to Tournament Brackets being 100 players.


Mercy System

Raid shadow Legends do have a mercy system, which increases your odds after going for a while without Epic and Legendary champions, the odds are increased as so:

Ancient and Void shards:

Your chance to summon an Epic champion is increased by 2% per shard after 20 summons without an epic champion.

Your chance to summon a Legendary champion is increased by 5% per shard after 200 summons without a legendary Champion.

Sacred shards:

Your chance to summon a Legendary champion is increased by 2% per shard after 12 summons without a legendary champion.


Promotion Champions

Occasionally Plarium will run promotions where you’ll be able to get your hands on limited-edition legendary champions by simply logging into the game for 7 days, there have been 3 so far but there is likely to be another very soon with the addition of Ultimate Death Knight which was confirmed to be a free legendary for all in an interview with DeadwoodJedi, which you can check out here.

The previous promotion Champions:


Life token Trader

There are 6 legendary champions available in the guardian ring, available to purchase with life tokens, you obtain Life tokens by ‘unbinding’ duplicate legendary champions, once unbound that duplicate legendary champion will be removed from your account and you will receive 500 life tokens per duplicate legendary champion that you unbind.

Each legendary available to purchase costs a different amount of Life tokens:

  • Minaya – 2500 life tokens equivalent to 5 unbound duplicate legendary champions.
  • Tomb Lord – 3000 life tokens equivalent to 6 unbound duplicate legendary champions.
  • Foli – 3000 life tokens equivalent to 6 unbound duplicate legendary champions.
  • Maulie Tankard – 3000 life tokens equivalent to 6 unbound duplicate legendary champions.
  • Fu-Shan – 3000 life tokens equivalent to 6 unbound duplicate legendary champions.
  • Sir Nicholas – 4000 life tokens equivalent to 8 unbound duplicate legendary champions.

Have we missed any ways that we didn’t think about? Let us know in the comments!



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